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Pot Rocks Chocolates – Cookies N Cream with peach swirl


50 mg infused cannabis concentrate inside belgian white milk chocolate with cookies n cream chunks in the middle!






CTV Canada: Medical Marijuana Segment

Okay folks, caught this on 2nd April 2014 (yesterday) on CTV, and started recording although a little late, but I got majority of both segments on film for you all to watch and ponder about..


Canadian Medical Association $0.02 on the matter of medical marijuana




I just got high, but I also just watched this right after smoking my joint..


AHAHA… I honestly just smoked the end of a joint after 2 days of not smoking.. I also coincidentally just wrapped up a small 48 hour fast as well… so I smoked my roach, got really high and then I watched this video off my facebook…. go figure. Pretty funny, so I thought of sharing it..

.. Anyway folks, tomorrow we count down T minus 20 days until 420 – 2014 … I’m soo stoked. I’m gonna get soo stoned too, its going to be epic, I think I’m gonna grab some hashish and maybe even some budder or oil to do dabs with later.. I’m definitely picking up like a half oz for myself for this day specifically, I’m gonna be smokin all day starting at 420 am right on through the entire day is gonna be up in smoke. I’m gonna try to forget my name by means of smoking so much pot on this Cannatastic day.




The BEST Marijuana Legalization Speech of All time… ever… Marc Emery


Marc Emery brings it! Hooah! Only a couple months left until the Prince returns to Canada!!!

Canada Loves You Marc Emery!


EPIC PRANK: Bong Pranksters fool COPS!!

hilarious!! Good work guys!


The guys from VitalyzedTV went out and hit a water pipe with tobacco tricking cops into thinking they were smoking weed.


UPDATES: The High Canadian’s Crib

Hey folks.. as promised last night… finally getting back on here after a few days of what I call a “disconnect” phone and pc was off for about 4 straight days I think.. I try to go 3 days tech free every other couple of weeks to give my brain a break/rest…

So yesterday.. My beloved Girlfriend came home from work with a “SURPRISE” as she called it… turned out to be my PENSION paperwork after all…. finally I am sort of getting somewhere with these people… this had been dragging on for a few months (close to 5 months) to get simple paperwork in order (that probably only took the office 10 maybe 15 minutes max to draft up) in order to process my “transfer value” (lump sum payment of pension value, some locked in some not).

So this is all GREAT news.. I’m fully satisfied when I see the money in my accounts… I’ve already started looking into declaring “Financial Hardship” in order to leverage some extra money out of my Locked in Retirement Account (LIRA) in order to help further my education and to assist in me opening a business.. which segues me onto ……..

Other news... I registered a domain name, a DOT COM .. so keep an eye out for that in the future… I am hoping to move this blog over to there, or there over to here, something like that, anyway a merger of some kind will take place.. You may be wondering why I’m doing this, its pretty much because I have an idea of where I want to go and take my blog.. the NEXT LEVEL.. LoL…I am very much considering this business idea with my blog incorporated into it.. I’ve already got the idea in my head and have visualized this for some time now..I sorta held out on you all with this idea but here goes….I am hoping to create my own Cannabis Friendly vapor lounge (much like Chris Goodwin’s Vapor Central) … which will take the name of this blog.. The High Canadian’s Crib – Vapor Lounge – Social Arena 

I would ensure you are all aware of Opening Day, and have it broadcast on my UStream Channel so you can all participate in the witnessing of my opening day with me!

I have a plan in mind to go about living out my dream, which is to be my own boss – working in the cannabis industry.. its risky business.. but isn’t living out your dream worth risking for ? I think it is, otherwise how do I know if could or could not live out my dream otherwise, if I didn’t take said risk ?

In terms of education, I am looking at HVAC this summer.. not to get deeply rooted in the industry, but enough  to get my certifications or quals, make some money gain some experience, and just enough to know how best to purify and deliver clean air for my future cannabizness.. I think that bridge, of being able to relate my discipline of study and knowing full well the benefits of having gained said knowledge, and being able to apply that knowledge to my personal endeavors, is what could potentially push me towards success in my personal venture that much more..

The one thing I learned all these years working for others… is that I should work for myself, because I’m selfless when I work, and I’d rather be “selfless” to my own business and success than someone else’s business or dream..  I, just like all of you out there, have the capacity to create our own success… and if you don’t take charge and program your own mind to do so, external events or other people will gladly do it for you…

So folks.. that is my update.. rather small, somewhat insignificant to most people, but I don’t mind, I feel like I’m making some progress in my life finally.. and by that I mean in terms of becoming my own boss.. I mapped out a path to get myself there, I may need a contingency plan or 2 just in case..  so I will work that out also… I think life might be better lived if your working for yourself..


RCMP wasting Canadian Tax Dollars ….

rcmp wasted tax dollars


Image credited to: MMPRCanada


WOW… I’m stunned lol.. this is not “news” per se because this was reported on last year Feb 2013 as per the date on the image above.. but talk about POLICE STATE eh… Looks like to me they are really putting our tax dollars at work here to deter what? A little pot? Give me a fricken’ break man… thats nuts. To me, if I read between the lines correct, it appears the RCMP are just trying to get a free ride on the slopes with the TAX payers dime.. because lets be honest here folks… there is no way RCMP would be able to catch me rippin’ the mountain stoned… I’d take them through the trees and moguls and really put them to the test if I was being chased…

How is this practical at all? Snowboarders and skiiers alike can blaze on the lift up or just park in the trees for a few minutes.. so having RCMP out on the slops “Shreddin’ it up” trying to “deter substance abuse” on the mountain is very much a waste of resources on the tax payers account… This kind of stuff needs to just come to a halt already…. we already know the Drug was has been lost, but these folks need to hang onto their so called jobs and platinum pensions because well they are “doing gods work” by preventing Kids from smoking the devil’s weed… like at most you might get is someone with a quarter.. no one snowboards around with POUNDS of weed… like come on really ????   Ugh… I’m disgusted..  but I heard this type of thing is sort of “Normal” for Alberta… I guess so since thats HARPO the tyrant’s home province, so making that connection sort of makes sense.. a little, but hardly.

I thought maybe this was a joke at first, so I did a quick fact check by consulting GOOGLE.. and its not a joke.. the RCMP were monitoring the slopes last year, curious to know if the same was going on this year…



* RCMP Hitting the Slopes, Canada’s “WAR on Drugs” just got a bit weirder

* RCMP Patrolling Alberta Slopes

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a LONG TIME…

“The Pioneers of a WARLESS World are the Youth that refuse Military Service”

– Albert Eintstein

The long (emphasis on long) version of the story behind the video above is available for download at the link at the bottom of this Entry..

My memo for accelerated promotion..

Promo Memo

My PER report after my Promotion to CPL rank..

Should be course loaded on QL5

Me dressed up in the RELISH


The last Carrot dangling below….. Final PER.. Military’s meager attempt to “KEEP ME” in the system by offering another promotion, when they couldn’t even get me course loaded until I signalled to them I wanted OUT of the Military……. (so lame) I am grateful I didn’t give in and stay.. I am grateful I have a strong conscious. My FREE Spirit didn’t want any part of that.


Pension crap.. ANNX A

Annex A 1

More Pension crap.. emails back and forth..






I called DMCA the Career Manager a few days ago I think 11 Feb 14 and she confirmed she had “nothing to do with the Release Message” (the item pension svcs explicitly mentioned to me that was to come from DMCA) .. her words.. she said she would contact the release section.. So you see now, I’m running around in circles here trying to get the last ties broken.. My perception is that, someone is royally fucking up, or they are trying to fuck me over and make me wait the long haul. Perhaps they are really backed up, which would be an accurate reflection, because they are so short staffed, which wouldn’t surprise me one iota.

Here you can read my long version of the events.. My Last 3 years of Service Up in Smoke!

All this pension crap does is confirm for me, that when the Government owes you money they take their sweet ass time.. but when YOU owe them money, its like RIGHT NOW, PAY UP OR ELSE like really? Fuck off.

I’ll keep ya’s all posted when and If my paperwork comes through.. until then, Smoke on!


English Man Takes the HIT of his LIFE… TRIPLE SUBLIMATOR…

english man smokesWe VOTED, by BINARY for the English Man, (guy in the middle in picture above)  … 101010101010 combos and such is interpreted as “YES” to get him to take a TRIPLE Hit off the SUBLIMATOR… totally Sublimates your on your ass…. user beware.

More chat pressure on the TOKETUBE channel…

voting to kill the englishman

THE Aftermath… total sublimation of the room! haha..



guest smokeing


total sublimation

5 Feb 14