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DJ TAY ….. John 00 Fleming (Psy Trance Lovers Read!!)

Alrighty, for those that have read my “About me” page.. I was introduced to the many different sub-varieties of the Techno/Trance thanks to a very good friend of mine I met while attending CCI. That same friend was my workout partner at the time we were going to school, and I looked up to him as a mentor per se. He happens to be paving his own path to success in the music scene DJ TAY. I highly reccomend you all to check out his soundcloud page!

Dj Tay Charles

Contact Episode 001 is Killer, his other tracks are great too, I am certain you will enjoy them!
This style of music is simply plug and play, its great for going on a run, or if your embarking on a journey and want something to take your mind out of the day-to-day clutter! Listen to it on the long car rides or on the plane it doesn’t matter, it will surely satisfy your ears!

The other artist I want to bring to light, is very influential/inspirational in the Psy Trance Community and that is John 00 Fleming. He is world renowned. He has some of the best tracks of all time at least from my perspective. He brings a whole different level to Psy Trance, be sure to check out his many bangin’ tracks on his Global Trance Grooves podcast! There is something there for everyone that enjoys Psy!


I hope all of you enjoy the selection of music as much as I do!!!