CTV Canada: Medical Marijuana Segment

Okay folks, caught this on 2nd April 2014 (yesterday) on CTV, and started recording although a little late, but I got majority of both segments on film for you all to watch and ponder about..


Canadian Medical Association $0.02 on the matter of medical marijuana





The BEST Marijuana Legalization Speech of All time… ever… Marc Emery


Marc Emery brings it! Hooah! Only a couple months left until the Prince returns to Canada!!!

Canada Loves You Marc Emery!


Colorado Pot Tourism On the Rise!

I dislike how the CNN commentator opens up the video with “experiment” .. its not an experiment.. to me its a trend, that term “experiment”, to me alludes to Colorado being “lucky” or “hand-chosen” for this whole movement to start off with. The opposite is true, the citizens of the state had to vote and pass the law at the state level, no accident or experiment whatsoever… so he should pick better choice words to report on important matters more accurately..

Furthermore, I love how joyous and how much cheer folks are just emanting down there in Colorado especially the part when the older woman is seen laughing on camera at the name of the joint holder aka the “doob tube” lol. Its nice to see happiness radiating from people like that, free expression like that is nice to come by, and is refreshing for the soul.

Lets move on to the “bud tender” just like a bar tender the person serving you behind the counter his/her job is to make sales for the shop. Coincidentally they will tell you pretty much what you want to hear, so long that you know your buying great herb at a reasonable price in a legitimate establishment. However, there is truth to the matter in regards to different strains holding different qualities, ie. some indicas have more CBD content versus THC or vice versa. This “Bud Tender” just didn’t go too deep into specifics or at least that moment was not captured on camera…The consumer can make an informed decision through inquiring through the “bud tender” who are typically friendly and most likely smokers themselves… its a nice touch to the industry, and realistically, how else could you sell legal weed without having someone like that behind the counter anyway?
I like the idea of having Designated Drivers for these Cannabis tours in Colorado, equally another nice touch, providing safe effective transportation to the pot-shops, considering the fact that cannabis-tourists are probably infrequent smokers as those who use it as medicine and therefore the effects of cannabis to an infrequent smoker are a lot more pronounced than to those who are using it as medicine. Those who use it as medicine and need to smoke very frequently to relieve themselves of their symptoms acquire a tolerance, and experience zero impairment in most cases..

One cool fact I learned from this clip was that, I did not know that Colorado has more pot-shops than Starbucks.. very cool.. something we Canadians ought to take note of….. we could do the same here and put Tims on the shelf for a bit.. god knows some people here could actually benefit from dropping coffee and picking up a joint and a healthier eating pattern.

What  disturbs me though, is how “Randy” claims to have felt or describes something to the effect of catching a “contact high” from second hand smoke… in Canada we learned from that crap when Ross Rebagliati lost his gold medal when he claimed it was “second hand smoke”. Lets be honest here in the reporting, she’s lying (Randy) and trying to hold down her job.  She definitely didn’t get a second hand smoke – contact high, she more than likely asked for a hit or two because its legal there and is too afraid to come right out on camera and say such things at the risk of losing her “reporting” job.. Overall the clip, I found to be mildly entertaining and eye opening. Like I already mentioned, its just nice to see the joy emanting from people now that this Loving plant has been liberated in their home State.


1 Year later

Alright I am back after a year’s break from here.

I decided to pull down all the old content, since after reviewing it all earlier today, I was unimpressed by my own content.

Question for you all to think about.. 

If Marijuana was already Legal in Canada, do you think that Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto would have been indulging in Crack-cocaine as purported by recent revelations?

This admission alone is worth legalizing pot. Canada is not handling the drug war very effectively. We need a progressive approach that treats addiction and drug use as a health issue and not one of “legality”. Drug dependence is a touchy subject. I feel Canada should be taking a leading stance on this issue to set the record straight and lead by example. Alas it is too late as Uruguay has already legalized it.

It is interesting to note that, about a decade ago, we had in place, policy for decriminalization on Pot in Canada under the tenure of Prime Minister Jean Chretien. Since then Canada has take 2 steps back approach bringing us back into the dark ages. Meanwhile the neighbors south of us at the state level are fighting for medicinal rights to consume. Marijuana needs not be legalized for medical purposes only, it needs to be legalized outright. The initial law to make it illegal is out of date, no longer relevant and plain ridiculous.

I can only hope for a better future in the years to come. It will be interesting to see who is in the hot-seat come 2015 election year, if Mr. Just Trudeau gets in and actually delivers or not.