Pocket Aces don’t always = MONEY WIN :(

pocket aces


So as you can see, my handle is jawshb23 on pokerstars.. and anyway, when I get pocket aces dealt to me,  and the flop was something, such as a very unsuspecting 3 of spades, 7 of clubs and 10 of spades… well anyway, I usually like to think I can bet with confidence and win the pot, when I got pocket aces in my hands and a flop such as that depicted above. I was even fortunate enough to casually slow roll this hand all through to the finish and still lost or well broke even for a split pot.. WTF??  This will go on to show and serve as a reminder, to myself, and all my readers as witnesses that you cannot always count on pocket Aces to win the Pot.


It will get you your money back… Does this apply to cash games as well ? Wonder if anyone plays like that? I am also curious how often this actually happens.. like, statistically speaking here, “how many people have lost pots in poker with pocket Aces?” Think about that for a moment, I wonder if someone can do those odds for me, or help me do them, I’m curious to know to be honest.

But I just learned that basically, I just got all my money back to me, as I committed with the “All In” move and was simply refunded my original 200 chips + 38 extra as the max buy in for this play-money game was 200 … So I lost with Pocket aces.. okay. fine. I accept…


….Now 2 hands later lets have a peek at whats goin’ on here

beat by aces



Well I clearly wasn’t dealt the best hand in the books here, or pocket Kings this time around, but having a king in your hand and having a king on the flop is about as good as having pocket kings being dealt to you, I felt inclined to bet with slight confidence but not as much as previous with the pocket aces earlier, and I still managed to lose this pot because buddy gets the Ace on the fucken river bud, the river!!!… WTF is that shit? is the energy out of whack or what? LOL.. 

As you can see, I just played pretty much the two best hands you could be dealt or close to it, and still lost the pots on pokerstars…. I find that inquisitively odd, or about as odd as those two words put together hahah… I guess this serves me as a reminder about pocket aces….


Edit: Sorry folks, (gahhhh im such a stoner) I just realized something, I started with 200 Chips and came out of the hand with 238, so I did win some chips lmao which counters the title of this post haha… I guess the point of this just showed me, that even though pocket ACES are a REALLY good hand, there are clearly other hands that can still be made that are better, than simply, pocket aces. I’m still sort of learning a little bit about the game, definitely not a pro or novice at this, but I really enjoy the game nonetheless!