marijuana and your rights

The Little Green Book







This glorious little green book is a nice addition to any stoner’s collection of weed-related paraphernalia … rich with quotes and ideas and knowledge, this little green book packs a punch… quotes from people of all walks of life that have crossed paths with Cannabis and understand it, for what Cannabis simply is..

Chapter 1 provides a brief overview of Cannabis

Chapter 2 is some Cannabis facts (some I was not privy to)

Chapter 3 is Healthy Munchies (strongly agree with their info, munchies can lead to mindless eating so surround yourself with healthy alternatives is key to keeping your waist line from ballooning)

8 Mini chapters in all, they also give you space for notes and to write down favourite strains among your other favourite things to do when stoned, movies and music to watch etc .. retails for $12.99 in Canada.. at least that is what I paid at Chapters today..

It makes a nice gift and its small enough to fit in a coat pocket, a “must have” forĀ marijuana aficionados of all ages.

No reviews on amazon, but here’s the link