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Know a Diabetic? Make them WATCH This…

I recently stumbled across this very touching documentary, its about 6 people with Diabetes (1 who is type-1) and we get to follow them on their 30 day journey, from beginning to end.. Almost all of them cut out their insulin and medication in the first week of staying at the TREE FOR LIFE rejuvenation center… I highly recommend this for EVERYONE to watch (even if your not diabetic you can simply learn and witness the power of Raw Foods, and the healing it can bring) to simply bring about awareness to the fact of what you are putting in your body.. If you know a Diabetic, or are one yourself, please watch and I hope you find inspiration from this film to make a Positive change in your diet to help heal yourself naturally… I’m fascinated by the power of raw foods…. I think I may even pursue working at a local Raw Food restaurant even just to expand my own personal knowledge base … I mean to me, its just a smart thing to do… please share and pass this around.. the full documentary is available for purchase at their website..

simply raw

Today, I faced a huge challenge… Dinner at my Girlfriend’s Brother’s place… STEAK was on the menu, and it looked damn good, though I reminded myself of the poor animal that had been sacrificed for their meal and was able to stick to my guns and eat my veggies and fruits instead, …I also had a small bowl of soup.. it looked appetizing while they ate it thought I will say it was mildly tempting to taste it, but I resisted all urges.. My desire to eat red meat had passed once I started eating my veggies though… Not to mention I had started watching this documentary while I was there LOL… so I think that helped keep me focused on my goal of staying Raw.. week 1 is done. I look forward to the challenges of week 2 for myself… And as I mentioned in the above paragraph, I am seeking out Raw Food employment.. I found a place here in Ottawa. I am hopeful to go talk to them and actually to try some of their menu.. I’ll let you all know later in another entry how it goes and give a review of them!

For some Cool Raw Recipes… I highly recommend YOUNG AND RAW  blog… they have tonnes and I mean tonnes of great tasty recipes… I encourage everyone to check them out..