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FLOAT HOUSE: Enjoy peaceful relaxation


This is not a review, however I would highly recommend anyone that has a chance to try out FLOAT house in Vancouver to give it a go. I watched the video below, and I would love to give this a shot, just to take a break from the regular day to day.. it seems  pretty interesting, to be able to isolate your mind that much better… total isolation.. to me, it looks like its something kind of comy and very rewarding in terms of re-tuning your body and mind back to a peaceful state…

Anyway take what I say with a grain of salt, check the video below, and their website Float House … they have a small youtube channel as well… if this was in Ottawa I’d give it a go, actually  I would love to see this set up in Ottawa and all major capital cities… we all could use a little disconnect time..

Their prices may seem a little steep but, if you try it and truly benefit from it, I think the price will be of less concern, they offer various packages and I think all sessions are 90 mins each… neat stuff.