MY New FAVOURITE munchies: Terra Vegetable chips..


Get’em at Costco for like $6.99 … so damn delicious.. enjoy. thank me later.






GREEN Smoothies: Bodybuilder testimonial… and MORE!

Very cool video, he is spot on about removing dairy, wheat, coffee and nitrate meats … I am on day 4 of my raw food diet, and I am really loving it.. its pretty decent…

The past few days, my nutritional intake has been roughly looking like this, ( I plan to switch it up a bit more next week with the raw foods I’m eating whole, but so far I think my body is really appreciating the switch )

Pre Breakfast: Oil pulling + salt water rinse followed by brushing teeth with baking soda.

Morning: 2 cups of hot water with a touch of baking soda in it (i switch out baking soda every other day with Braggs Raw organic apple cidar vinegar in some hot water, about 2 tablespoons).. after that its mixed seeds and nuts, nutrtion packed GREEN Smoothie

Lunch: Broccoli with carrots and radish with a slight bit of veggie dip

Dinner: some fruits, apple, orange, hearty salad more water … seeds and nuts if I’m still a bit hungry before bed.. my seeds/nuts right consist of ¬†Chia with Flax, hazlenuts, cashews, sunflower seeds and hemp hearts…

Throughout the day I take MCT oil while im tapering off my other carb inflated diet of the past… also I use a bit of Coconut oil in my green smoothie, not too much so I can taste it, but enough to get nutritional benefits from it.. more updates to follow later on my progress… now lets check out if COSTCO is worthwhile for a GREEN SMOOTHIE Enthusiast.. check out the video below, highly recommended!¬†