baking with baking soda

Some cool uses for BAKING SODA!


I decided to give Baking Soda a shot.. lately I’ve been using boiled water with a teaspoon or two of baking soda in it and drinking it for health purposes, to aid in digestion and cleansing… I ended up stumbling upon an article the other day about taking Baths in Baking Soda for detox.. and let me tell you, that bath was amazing.. Super relaxing, and after I got out, I was pretty much ready for bed.. I felt so refreshed, I encourage all of you to try it out…

Here’s what I did… I cranked the hot water to start filling the tub, threw down 2-3 cups of baking soda in the tub with some Epsom salts couple handfuls will do, don’t be shy, and a bit of bath foam suds to get it looking nice LOL… soaked in the tub for 40 mins while listening to some chill tunes to space out a bit… after getting out, I did feel a bit weak so, make sure you have some nice cold water by the Tub if you’re going to try this out..

I’m really loving this approach to alternative health, it allows me to run all these mini or micro experiments… I’m glad I latched onto this one.. I think for now I will continue to use baking Soda here and there in small amounts .. I read somewhere you can make deodorant with it and coconut oil so I might start making some of that too.. may as well, this stuff is cheap too $1 something at the store for 500 grams … ya can’t get a better deal than that folks!



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