Artisnal weed chocolate


Ive been offline for quite a while.. im back to revive my blog … i am starting a website its coming soon.. and eventually my hopes is to merge this blog over there..

Edit: Folks, the site is up and running, join/subscribe to stay informed, the story is up, check the ABOUT US – MASK OFF to learn how my Edibles confectionery has evolved.

Pot Rocks Chocolates And Edibles will be bringing a Gluten Free Organic Infused Food Snack to market very soon! We look forward to providing the community with a health – conscious while remaining tasty, infused edible! More on that later! … for now take a look around my site, check my story and there is a link to another HARM REDUCTION story there and a couple videos where my edibles are featured in Ottawa’s REEFER MADNESS events late last year.