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My Political based flow… LOL

All right folks.. I am by no means a “freestyler” or rapper by any means, it just so happens that yesterday I was looking for more Ottawa hip hop/rap artists, I found some more local talent, one of which (PapaPre) I met a few years ago through a friend I went to high school with abroad.. and I came across his stuff, he’s doing his thing, and still putting out his music which is super cool.. I just did my last post about that… so after watching some vids and listening to some music … I decided that I’d give it a shot and put my own twists on what I call “political flow” …. its mainly about some of the topics i’ve blogged on here….




LABEL GMOS: Giant Mutated Rat Arrested…..

Pretty damn hilarious!! I love that kind of ACTIVISM… Everyone SHARE THIS……..

We gotta Hit’em where it COUNTS!!! ACTIONS = LOUDER THAN WORDS!!