This page is devoted to Munchiez ideas and recipes..

Here is a really cool and tasty method to make some Fries ….. most of you probably already know this or do this, but I will share for those that need an idea ..


A Stoner’s Breakfast…..






Every Home-Fry recipe Starts with chopping potatoes.. for this recipe I decided to just wash the outside and not peel them, hence why its “Spicy-Lazy”


chopp those ‘taters!

After you got them chopped up properly, you want to turn the element on your stove on with a pot of vegetable oil like below, heat up the oil  for 5 mins and carefully place all your chopped ‘taters into the hot oil. Be careful of oil splashes.


fryin’ in oil

After they start to golden/brown, you want to have a bowl layered with some paper towel to dry and remove/absorb the excess oil as detailed in the below picture!


pat dry the fries

Once the fries are pat-dried of excess oil, you can go ahead and make some Fry Spice, for this recipe specifically today, I am using SEA salt (apparently this is better than regular table salt, i much prefer this taste anyway) Regular black Pepper, and Cayenne Pepper, Mix together in a shot glass or small dish. Sprinkle the Fry Spice onto the fries on a pan, then Preheat your oven to say, 350 degrees..


Pop these suckers into the oven and bake for 5 minutes at 350 degrees..


roastin’ away!

After the timer goes for 5 minutes they are ready to EAT, and should come out something like the below image…


Ready to eat, Voila!

Ready to EAT… my recommendation is to cook these up in advance.. i’d hate to be fiddling with the stove stoned with hot oil lmao.. these are tasty to eat when your blitzed out of your gourd so, prepare them in advance, Smoke, Eat, Rinse Repeat!!!!!



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