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MY New FAVOURITE munchies: Terra Vegetable chips..


Get’em at Costco for like $6.99 … so damn delicious.. enjoy. thank me later.






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I just realized that there is a very cool, health food store in Gatineau Quebec… La Boite a Grains .. they pretty much have everything you could think of/need or want in terms of health food products, your Kardish equivalent … Anyway, I decided to hike over there to grab some items.. some of the more frequent products I would use and some I do use on a regular basis pictured below..




Dr. Bronner’s multi-purpose castile soaps.. some mouth/health friendly toothpaste and mouthwash




Can always use more coconut oil haha… this stuff is a great substitute for butter, and can be incorporated into your dishes as well as used for oil pulling for oral hygiene among other things like moisturizer ..




Some good ole’ tea.. nothing wrong with dandelion and some yerba mate.


You can spend quite a bit at these types of places, so proceed and shop with CAUTION LOL..


Ottawa Rapper: PapaPre

Local, Long time Artist from Ottawa, PapPre drops some sick flow,

check out his site for merch and you can buy his latest album, Released Dec 2013 “Walking Backwards on an Escalator” here



Keep doing your thing Sacha! Respect.


Health Canada: Slowly catching up with the times..

health canada volcano

WOW… the Volcano is old news… out with the old, in with the new… SUBLIMATOR (won 3rd place at Cannabis Cup 2013, go Enrico!!) … lol.. but shocking isn’t it, that Health Canada is just now approving this gadget? Like really? hahaha, oh they are soo behind..

Full article here


The Little Green Book







This glorious little green book is a nice addition to any stoner’s collection of weed-related paraphernalia … rich with quotes and ideas and knowledge, this little green book packs a punch… quotes from people of all walks of life that have crossed paths with Cannabis and understand it, for what Cannabis simply is..

Chapter 1 provides a brief overview of Cannabis

Chapter 2 is some Cannabis facts (some I was not privy to)

Chapter 3 is Healthy Munchies (strongly agree with their info, munchies can lead to mindless eating so surround yourself with healthy alternatives is key to keeping your waist line from ballooning)

8 Mini chapters in all, they also give you space for notes and to write down favourite strains among your other favourite things to do when stoned, movies and music to watch etc .. retails for $12.99 in Canada.. at least that is what I paid at Chapters today..

It makes a nice gift and its small enough to fit in a coat pocket, a “must have” for marijuana aficionados of all ages.

No reviews on amazon, but here’s the link


That Backfired now didn’t it ? …. SMOKE A FAT TRUDY!!


Images provided by The Star

The NAZI-Conservative party’s plans to doll out “Justin Trudeau” rolling papers at the Liberal convention may have come to a halt.. Toronto Cannabis enthusiast/advocate/connoisseur .. Chris “Goody” Goodwin has created his own version of the Trudeau rolling papers in advance, and they appear to be a hit already, raking in $500.00 in sales in just little more than a day since he put’em up on the shelves for sale at his Vapor Lounge down in Toronto.

I like’m, the papers retail for $3.95 you can smoke a “Trudy” ….. This just goes to show what kind of level the Conservatives will stoop to throw off their political adversaries… pretty low, and its funny how they thought that this might work against Justin Trudeau when in fact the opposite is true. I suspect these will be showing up in many headshops/smokeshops around the country.. as mentioned in the Star article, they will definitely make for a nice collector’s item when this era passes and weed is alas legalized in this country.

Buy’em here … if ya want a box, well you can get that too, right here


Also available for purchase via @ The Herb Collective

the herb

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LEAKED: Conservative Memo Detailing Intentions to Undermine Justin Trudeau

Know a Diabetic? Make them WATCH This…

I recently stumbled across this very touching documentary, its about 6 people with Diabetes (1 who is type-1) and we get to follow them on their 30 day journey, from beginning to end.. Almost all of them cut out their insulin and medication in the first week of staying at the TREE FOR LIFE rejuvenation center… I highly recommend this for EVERYONE to watch (even if your not diabetic you can simply learn and witness the power of Raw Foods, and the healing it can bring) to simply bring about awareness to the fact of what you are putting in your body.. If you know a Diabetic, or are one yourself, please watch and I hope you find inspiration from this film to make a Positive change in your diet to help heal yourself naturally… I’m fascinated by the power of raw foods…. I think I may even pursue working at a local Raw Food restaurant even just to expand my own personal knowledge base … I mean to me, its just a smart thing to do… please share and pass this around.. the full documentary is available for purchase at their website..

simply raw

Today, I faced a huge challenge… Dinner at my Girlfriend’s Brother’s place… STEAK was on the menu, and it looked damn good, though I reminded myself of the poor animal that had been sacrificed for their meal and was able to stick to my guns and eat my veggies and fruits instead, …I also had a small bowl of soup.. it looked appetizing while they ate it thought I will say it was mildly tempting to taste it, but I resisted all urges.. My desire to eat red meat had passed once I started eating my veggies though… Not to mention I had started watching this documentary while I was there LOL… so I think that helped keep me focused on my goal of staying Raw.. week 1 is done. I look forward to the challenges of week 2 for myself… And as I mentioned in the above paragraph, I am seeking out Raw Food employment.. I found a place here in Ottawa. I am hopeful to go talk to them and actually to try some of their menu.. I’ll let you all know later in another entry how it goes and give a review of them!

For some Cool Raw Recipes… I highly recommend YOUNG AND RAW  blog… they have tonnes and I mean tonnes of great tasty recipes… I encourage everyone to check them out..



Some cool uses for BAKING SODA!


I decided to give Baking Soda a shot.. lately I’ve been using boiled water with a teaspoon or two of baking soda in it and drinking it for health purposes, to aid in digestion and cleansing… I ended up stumbling upon an article the other day about taking Baths in Baking Soda for detox.. and let me tell you, that bath was amazing.. Super relaxing, and after I got out, I was pretty much ready for bed.. I felt so refreshed, I encourage all of you to try it out…

Here’s what I did… I cranked the hot water to start filling the tub, threw down 2-3 cups of baking soda in the tub with some Epsom salts couple handfuls will do, don’t be shy, and a bit of bath foam suds to get it looking nice LOL… soaked in the tub for 40 mins while listening to some chill tunes to space out a bit… after getting out, I did feel a bit weak so, make sure you have some nice cold water by the Tub if you’re going to try this out..

I’m really loving this approach to alternative health, it allows me to run all these mini or micro experiments… I’m glad I latched onto this one.. I think for now I will continue to use baking Soda here and there in small amounts .. I read somewhere you can make deodorant with it and coconut oil so I might start making some of that too.. may as well, this stuff is cheap too $1 something at the store for 500 grams … ya can’t get a better deal than that folks!



* 51 Fantastic uses for Baking Soda

* Baking Soda Baths bring you balance

* Bicarbonate

* Bicarbonate Increases Tumor PH and inhibits spontaneous metastases

* Manipulating PH and Tumors 

* Health Benefits of Baking Soda

FLOAT HOUSE: Enjoy peaceful relaxation


This is not a review, however I would highly recommend anyone that has a chance to try out FLOAT house in Vancouver to give it a go. I watched the video below, and I would love to give this a shot, just to take a break from the regular day to day.. it seems  pretty interesting, to be able to isolate your mind that much better… total isolation.. to me, it looks like its something kind of comy and very rewarding in terms of re-tuning your body and mind back to a peaceful state…

Anyway take what I say with a grain of salt, check the video below, and their website Float House … they have a small youtube channel as well… if this was in Ottawa I’d give it a go, actually  I would love to see this set up in Ottawa and all major capital cities… we all could use a little disconnect time..

Their prices may seem a little steep but, if you try it and truly benefit from it, I think the price will be of less concern, they offer various packages and I think all sessions are 90 mins each… neat stuff.



When your cellphone carrier cuts you off or disconnects your phone..

If you ever get the cold-shoulder from your service provider… I have a couple COOL apps to carry on your service in WIFI hotspots… the first App I will mention is called .. Magic Jack the Second app, you will need is to be able to text with, and its below, its called TextMe (see below the magic jack desc.)

magic jack

FREE Calls to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers – or to any magicJack number, anywhere in the world.
magicJack APP will NEVER use your mobile minutes and does not require a voice plan. WiFi or 4G recommended.
magicJack APP is 100% FREE and does not require any purchase.
You can use your Android device’s stored contacts with the magicJack APP.

You can actually RECEIVE calls on the MagicJack App too.. get someone to text you your number after calling them, and now you have a new number to give out.. when people call you, the signal can break up a bit, my experience told me, its better for me to call people from the app itself vice them calling me, but it does work! Test it out!

TextMe App

text me

Free Texting (real SMS messages) to any Phone number in the United States, Canada and 40 countries.
Free HD Voice and Video Calls between Android and other platforms (they require deposit)
Turn your Android Tablet into a Phone!

The TextMe App comes with about 10 minutes FREE talk time.. but Texting is entirely free in Wifi Hotspots!!

So there you have it, I awoke today, and my service was cut, I am unemployed and unable to pay the bill at the moment, so instead of chalking the phone up as a loss, and placing an ad on Kijiji to sell the contract, as I love my phone.. I found that this will be my work around fix for now, although I can only use it where there is WiFi, that simply ensures me from racking up a HUGE bill from overage usage on the stupid data plans they offer with ASTRONOMICAL prices… Rogers won’t see a dime from me, until I see my pension..

There exists some WiFi Scanner Apps as well which come in handy too! Check  this one!

wiFi finder

So now with that knowledge, reduce or completely eliminate your bill from your service provider when your out… its sort of inconvenient but hey, its something you can work with and its FREE of charge


-10 Places to find WiFi for Free

-How to get WiFi Free practically ANYWHERE