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MASTER ANTI-OXIDANT: Glutathione a review, anti inflammatory and cell repair

This got me interested in trying’s Cellgevity … a guy from work mentioned this to me, stay tuned for a review of the cellgevity product in the future!



CTV Canada: Medical Marijuana Segment

Okay folks, caught this on 2nd April 2014 (yesterday) on CTV, and started recording although a little late, but I got majority of both segments on film for you all to watch and ponder about..


Canadian Medical Association $0.02 on the matter of medical marijuana




United States: Study for Marijuana gets backing for PTSD for Veterans

marijuana for ptsd vets


CTV News article brings us the latest.. 

WASHINGTON — The U.S. government has signed off on a long-delayed study looking at marijuana as a treatment for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, a development that drug researchers are hailing as a major shift in policy.

The Department of Health and Human Services’ decision surprised marijuana advocates who have struggled for decades to secure federal approval for research into the drug’s medical uses.

The proposal from the University of Arizona was long ago cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, but researchers had been unable to purchase marijuana from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The agency’s Mississippi research farm is the only federally-sanctioned source of the drug.


All I can say here folks, is, its nice to know that the American Medical Association is now finally, seeking a re-classification of marijuana, in order to make it easier to research… won’t be long before us up north start to catch wind of this for the troops/vets (hopefully)…

Support Cannabis for the TROOPS and VETS!


The BEST Marijuana Legalization Speech of All time… ever… Marc Emery


Marc Emery brings it! Hooah! Only a couple months left until the Prince returns to Canada!!!

Canada Loves You Marc Emery!


1 Cent Paid to Suicide Survivors of Canadian Forces member.. Like really???

1 cent suicide

Come on… wtf is this non-sense ?? Like honestly ? Who fucked this up ?  First it was Health Canada outing all the med-pot patients with their so called “administrative error” and now this also ?? Firstly… isn’t the PENNY out of circulation ?? like way to add insult to injury here … it just goes to show that even when YOU are working in the system – for the system.. you are likely to get fucked over.. I know because I did… not to this extent.. but in my own way I got fucked over.. check my video about it here

Read the full article here if that wasn’t enough scroll down and you will find even more dirt.. all the links to articles underneath “Related” and I downloaded the articles in case they “go missing” for XYZ reasons*

50 at large

Thats right folks… lets hold these criminal bastards accountable.. these families DESERVE answers at the very fucking least..

Gahhhh my blood is boiling right now.. I ought to call it a night. Look at the below pictures.. click the image will bring you to those articles… this is pathetic how they are treating these families…. seriously … what the fuck is going on or isn’t going on ? Sickening.

cover up military police

pay benefits



1 Cent paid to survivors of Soldier suicide

50 Soldier Suicides remain INCOMPLETE … WHY?

Former MND Peter Mckay makes cuts to Canadian Forces Soldier Suicide program

After Veteran’s Death Government Demands REPAYMENT of Benefits

Military Police withhold Soldier’s Suicide Note in Cover up Attempt – Stepfather Alleges

5 Good Reasons… Not to EAT BREAD….


I’m simply copying and pasting this with quotes because I felt it was VERY important to share with the blogosphere community at large… so here goes.. (all credit to Newssum)

Bread is wrongly placed at the bottom of our food pyramid which gets passed around all our schools despite many respected health professionals claiming bread and other sources of grains are unnecessary and potentially harmful. Here are some alarming facts about bread.

1. Whole Grain Bread Can Spike Blood Sugar Levels More Than A Snickers Bar: Whole grain bread does not actually have whole grains in it. Flour is formed in a process where grains are broken down into a powder form like flour. Since it is in a powder form, the body can rapidly digest the bread and let it enter the bloodstream as glucose. This raises the fat-producing hormone known as insulin. Whole grain bread even has a higher G.I (Glycemic Index) score than most candy bars such as snickers. When blood sugar goes up quickly, it can actually come crashing down just as fast causing us to get desperately hungry. This causes a perpetual cycle of eating, getting hungry then eating again. This is the downside of an the high carbohydrate diet that many misinformed authorities try to peddle us. As a resolution of this cycle, some scientists suggest eating a carb-restricted diet if a person suffers from diabetes or if they are overweight. Conclusion: Since the whole grains in the bread are broken down into a small refined powder, it is absorbed quickly by the body causing a spike in blood sugar levels. This why bread has such a high G.I score and it’s exactly why it scores higher than many candy bars.

2. Bread Has Lots of Gluten: The main ingredient in bread is generally wheat (although there are variations of bread). Wheat contains a protein called gluten. You may have heard of people being “celiac” or having “gluten intolerance”. There is evidence to suggest that a significant percentage of the population is sensitive to gluten. Gluten has glue-like properties which gives it that elastic qualities which allow you to stretch the material when you are baking or kneading bread (perfect for making cupcakes!). Although gluten can be great for baking, studies show there many adverse effects including bloating, stool inconsistency, damage to the wall of the intestinal tract and tiredness. Even more alarming is that gluten has been linked with schizophrenia and can be addictive as certain opiates. Conclusion: Most bread contains gluten which can be harmful to your health. To find out if gluten is affecting you, simply remove it from your diet for 30 days and then reintroduce it. You should see a difference in your general mood. In many peoples’ experience, they report being less sluggish. 

3 Bread Contains other Harmful Substances: If you ever looked at the ingredients listed on the back of a packet of bread, you may wonder if you need a degree in chemistry to work out what is in it. Most bread contains sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

This sugar, the grains and the many other substances will send your pancreas into overdrive when you swallow them. A lot of these chemicals are preservatives that can stay lodged in your stomach for years.

Conclusion: Most bread has sugar in it which causes your blood sugar to spike even higher. When your blood sugar goes up, your body has to compensate by storing that extra energy in the form of fat.

“4 Bread is Low in Essential Nutrients: Even if we turn a blind eye to the problems with bread and focus on the nutrition, we are left disappointed. Bread is not as nutritious as other sources of food such as fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs or meat. Even whole wheat grain bread is disappointing on the nutrition front. Not only is it low in nutrients, it also reduces the absorption of other real food. It does this for two reasons. First, the phytic acid found in whole wheat blocks minerals such as iron, zinc and calcium from being absorbed.[5] Secondly, since gluten damages the intestinal lining, less nutrients are absorbed. Grains do not even have all the essential amino acids that humans need for muscle building and maintenance (unlike bananas which are an excellent source of amino acids). Conclusion: Bread was traditionally a poor man’s food and is not as nutritious as it is made out to be. In fact, the grains in bread block nutrient absorption in the body. Instead of focusing on bread for your primary meal, it would be more efficient to eat other foods.

5 Whole wheat raises BAD Cholesterol (LDL)

In many studies, whole wheat bread has been found to increase the small dense LDL cholesterol by 60% over a 12 week period (Small dense LDL has been associated with heart disease). Cholesterol is a controversial topic because of the myths surrounding fat. We are led to believe it is fat that causes bad cholesterol when in fact the culprit could well be wheat. Conclusion: Wheat has been found to raise LDL cholesterol and most breads contain wheat. Bottom Line: Bread is one of the most consumed products in the western world. It is everywhere you look. It is in burgers, sandwiches, wraps and bread rolls. We are often told that whole grain bread is the healthiest part of the day but this could not be further from the truth. Bread in general is just a poor source of nutrients when compared to fresh vegetables, fruit, meat and fish. The main problem with bread is the fact that wheat has undergone such a change in the last 50 years and our bodies have not adapted to it. Even though bread dominates whole shopping cart aisles, there are many good reasons not to pick it up at all.

HERE’s a Study that talks about LDL being raised — Here’s the conclusion if you dont want to click links..

In summary, this study uniquely compared whole grain wheat to refined wheat bread and considered the influence of individual CVD risk and genetic variation on serum lipid response. Participants were not counselled on the macronutrient distribution of their diet and their intake was comparable to that reported in Canadian nutrition surveys [43]. Results showed that 6-week consumption of whole grain wheat sourdough bread did not significantly affect serum lipids in comparison to white bread, in adults of either a low or high level of CVD risk. When genetic variation was considered, albeit limited by retrospective assessment, it was found that in those with the APOE E3/E3 genotype, whole grain wheat sourdough bread unfavourably increased LDL-cholesterol in NGI participants, and TAG and TAG:HDL-cholesterol in HGI participants, when compared to white bread. These data add to the limited literature of intervention studies examining whole grain wheat relative to refined wheat breads and emphasize the need to consider genetic variation in relation to lipoprotein lipid content and CVD risk.

Unfavorably raised LDL levels in comparison to “WHITE bread” which we all know is bad and nutrient free.. so thats enough for me to scratch bread off my list…. A quick Google search of “Whole Wheat raises LDL cholesterol” will bring you a bunch of reuslts… look into it folks!!



6 Ways whole wheat can destroy your health

HOW TO: Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease, a Neurologist Speaks out

Health Canada: Slowly catching up with the times..

health canada volcano

WOW… the Volcano is old news… out with the old, in with the new… SUBLIMATOR (won 3rd place at Cannabis Cup 2013, go Enrico!!) … lol.. but shocking isn’t it, that Health Canada is just now approving this gadget? Like really? hahaha, oh they are soo behind..

Full article here


KUSH.CA Presents….. 5 Gram Budder Dab!! (insane)

ABSOLUTELY INSANE!! 5 Gram Budder Dab… TKO Hit…

The Weed Guy — Gets pulled over, Marijuana Confiscated and then Returned… Cop Reccomends, BLUEBERRY Pot LOL

At least the Officer was reasonable about the situation… it always sucks to get your weed/medicine confiscated but, at least this Officer wasn’t too much of a dick about it… Reminds me of my run in with the Law when I got pulled over, although the Officer I dealt with gave it back to me on the spot, but he had also put the cuffs on me and had me wait in the back seat of his cruiser ..for sure I thought I was being arrested.. (I was still in the Canadian Military too, I was awaiting my voluntary release date when this happened so I definitely broke a small sweat LOL) while he searched the shit out of my car, only to find 5 grams hahaha… I wish I had that on video… but anyway in Quebec they don’t really care too much about Weed smoker’s anyway…