Welcome to my BIG Experiment… my blog is my life experience reflected back to my audience, my blog is my outlet and my main mode of communication online.. my aim and idea, is to extrapolate information from the web, analyze and give my own personal views on it.

I am PRO-WEED.. I love cannabis, cannabis ought to be shared by all, for all… Parts of my blog will be dedicated to being critical as necessary, until legalization occurs in Canada, and even then I am uncertain this blog will stop there,  as the Entire world deserves to see this plant attain LEGAL Status.. Those are my beliefs!  I also believe, mankind is here to do great things.. why build a stairway that leads to nowhere? We are going somewhere alright…  I think it rests inside all of us, the desire to free ourselves of the Jails we’ve put ourselves in… it just depends on how STRONG your will to break free of the shackles is!

The other part of this BIG experiment, it to help dispel some of the myths about Cannabis-Connoisseurs, potheads, whatever label you like to use, to describe us fans of an amazing plant/herb. I hope that my regular activity on here will help shed light in that area, as well as promote myself as a valid testament, that Cannabis has helped me in many areas of my life, and continues to provide me more insight, inspiration and passion in the pursuit of happiness, throughout my stay on the Earth Simulator.

A bit about me,

I am a former Canadian College Italy ( CCI ) Graduate From Lanciano Chieti Italy –  ….The Town of Lanciano, derives its name or is said that “Lanciano” is  also the birthplace of Longinus the Roman centurion who thrust his spear into Jesus‘ side during theCrucifixionLanciano in Italian means “of the Spear”   … interesting, as I was completely unaware to that fact, until an alumni-friend of mine I bumped into recently mentioned that to me, and I felt obligated to Wiki that up LOL…. =)

After High School in Italy @ CCI, I relocated to Ottawa Canada.

The intention at the time, which later changed, was to attend Ottawa U for a major in sociology. After realizing my potential for work was very little with a degree in this field and that is was not my passion, led ultimately to my interest in the subject, to diminish.

I had left University after the first year, to pursue work to make money. My focus was to get paid. Little did I know at the time, that I should have focused on my passion in life instead of being utterly narrow minded with money. My first real job, and I still consider it a real job, was working as a “garbage man” or residential curbside refuse/recycler.

Now the reason I decided that was the job for me, was because, I was working outside, and it started at 12/hr. My interpretation going into it was, if society deems the “garbage man” to be the lowest paying job and maybe one of the worst/dirty jobs around and perhaps restricted to lazy people, then I will work twice as hard as the average garbage man in hopes of changing the public’s views to that.

I wanted to set myself apart from the crowd. Having my head full of all this stigma, I then set out on the path to put in 120% effort into the way I did the work as a Garbage Man. I decided that the Temp Agency that put me in the job was going to be paying me for Exercise instead of work. Essentially, I convinced myself that this type of work is good for your body and health since it involves picking up relatively medium – heavy objects and dumping them in the truck, combine that with jogging between stops you have a full blown cardio work out. I did this for 1.5 years before I decided to pursue other avenues.

In March 2008 I applied for a position as a Fire Fighter with the Canadian Forces. I was later offered the position in October 2008. Cut to the chase, I didn’t complete the fire fighting training as I wanted to. I found myself having to change trades. I then decided I would swap out from Fire Fighter to become whats known as a “Resource Management Support Clerk” or RMS Clerk for short. This part of the Canadian Forces is the backbone for all things, it is the Administrative and Finance branch of the Canadian Military. I completed my training in Borden Ontario and was soon posted back to Ottawa to work at National Defense Headquarters across from Rideau Mall.

I was employed there for 3 years before giving my 6 months notice for resignation. My initial 5 year contract with the Canadian Forces was completed. I felt that re-signing for another contract with the Canadian Forces was not in my best interest, nor what I wanted to do. I was not in the military as a Fire fighter and thus felt that I need not be here anymore. All that taken into consideration, ultimately rendered my decision to leave.

In the 3 years at NDHQ, I worked in General Records Filing and management of personnel files, I worked in the Finance section that pays all soldiers and officers in Ottawa. After that, I was moved to the front counter to help out with corporate services as a customer service clerk. Almost a year went by working at the front counter before I was moved to work in the Ops/Tavs department, where I served the last 1.5 years of my contract. I was responsible for deploying personnel of all ranks and elements to various missions overseas. I was a 1 stop-shop point of contact for anyone that needed or was given short notice to deploy, and I made it happen!

It was working in this department, that I felt I was leading a double life and realized my own unhappiness. Deep inside I did not (and still don’t) agree with the war effort in Afghanistan or having our troops necessarily in other countries for things other than Peace Keeping.

I felt like a fraud, a fake. I still did my job to the very best of my ability despite all my personal and controversial views. After giving my notice for resignation, the military, realizing they were about to lose a “good worker” countered my notice of resignation with an offer to be promoted to the rank of MCpl in hopes of keeping me in the system, under their lock and key. I was not going to have any of that. I was not even a substantive Corporal.

I did not understand how I could be promoted to Acting/Lacking Master-Corporal when I was already Acting/Lacking Corporal. Regardless of all that, I knew a simple promotion would not make me happy and was not in alignment with what I needed. After all, I was not after a promotion. I just did my job, and looked after my clients, plain and simple. Because of that, I gained much respect from my clients, peers and supervisors. I was in effect, and inadvertently creating an falsehood image of myself through my tireless work ethic and drive, little did they know that’s just how I am.

I resigned October 2013.

This Video Below, pretty much sums up in part why I chose not to re-new my contract with the Canadian Forces, as the Canadian Forces is a part of a bigger picture, I could no longer stand myself being engaged this closely to this international criminal regime NATO

What Do I stand for ?

Free Energy exists, the people in the oil industry strive to suppress this information, as it would not be in their interest for all of humanity to have access to FREE ENERGY, for they would no longer be our masters..  put yourself in their shoes, if you were a little wee-old man from Texas, a CEO of  lets say “BIG RIG Inc.” … would you want little scoundrel citizens like me, blogging about free energy? or even discussing potential ramifications it has to solve issues around the world? fuck no I wouldn’t want that.. so it makes sense for these folks to cover up, deceive and purport that natural gas and oil is the only way to go, when in fact its not. So a big Middle finger gets awarded to all those who can make a change for the better, but are refusing to do so, because of greed, money etc.. whats the point of earning all the money if it just sits there and never gets spent? just sayin’ … its like the mindset of a psycho-pathic Coin collector, he goes and collects all the coins because to him they have value, well what happens when the coin collector gets all the coins? the coin collector wins in collecting the coins, but in turn the coins lose their value……. so really whats the point in collecting all this fiat currency if its going to prove useless…. ? Yes I question the system and status-quo, don’t like it? show yourself out cuz its just gonna get worse ——–>

I also feel that everyone on this Planet, has the basic human right to the following,

– Free Housing (free of a mortgage, ie. EarthBag home/shelter at minimum)
– Free Clean Drinking Water
– Free Food through sustainable living

There should be no “Price” to exist on this planet. If we all work together as ONE collective consciousness, we can achieve everything we want, PEACE included.

When humanity can look beyond the colours of another’s flesh, or the religious beliefs of another culture and still recognize the human spirit within all, Man, Woman and child then Peace can be achieved. Nothing changes, until WE seek to destroy the barriers that have been propped up to separate us from each other! We are ONE, we are HUMAN.

-THC- ^_^



    1. Thank you.. very cool .. and thoughtful.. im past that part of my life.. it was difficult time for me, as i kept a lot of my frustrations within my own thinking, but I learned a lot from it and about myself… perseverance drives the msg home.. never give up hope or lose sight.


  1. Oh Lord, that was the wrong video i sent you! Jesus! The one I intended for you was the Canadian one. What an idiot I am sometimes! I swear, I was totally straight when I sent that out too… 🙂
    But glad you liked the wrong video anyway. That was a good one too. Very moving. It brought me to tears. Anyway, Here’s the correct video, which should make you laugh! God grief! Oy-vey… Let me know if you get to the video about the Canadian beer fridge!!

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