fuck. i’ve been AWOL for a bit here

Hey Folks, readers and followers alike…

had some time away from the blogosphere… im alive and well if anyone was curious .. hahaha.. (doubt it)

anyway some nice pics here to follow of some FREEZELAND weed and some other kind, an old batch thats being phased out ..

Also I wanted to point out, i recently purchased the ASCENT vaporizer from torontovaporizer.ca (check them out)

its an essential piece of kit to any stoner’s travel accessories …. very cool, gets you stoned nicely, vapor tastes amazing with the glass on glass tubing it comes with.. its a very discreet and versatile unit. In laymans terms.. I fucking love it. LOL.

I still like to smoke joints/blunts and bongs, the vaporizer is just handy when you’re too lazy to get out of bed and smoke or want something more subtle in terms of a high as it does not get you as stoned if you were to smoke a full on joint, at least thats my stoner-ass opinion.. still gets you high though, just a mellow one i find, sometimes you want the ROWDY stoned feeling which i equally enjoy and appreciate hahaha..


freezeland 2

freezeland 2

freezeland 3

freezeland 3



some kind of kush ?

some kind of kush ?

keep your stoned red eyes peeled for more ramblings in the future…



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