I just got high, but I also just watched this right after smoking my joint..


AHAHA… I honestly just smoked the end of a joint after 2 days of not smoking.. I also coincidentally just wrapped up a small 48 hour fast as well… so I smoked my roach, got really high and then I watched this video off my facebook…. go figure. Pretty funny, so I thought of sharing it..

.. Anyway folks, tomorrow we count down T minus 20 days until 420 – 2014 … I’m soo stoked. I’m gonna get soo stoned too, its going to be epic, I think I’m gonna grab some hashish and maybe even some budder or oil to do dabs with later.. I’m definitely picking up like a half oz for myself for this day specifically, I’m gonna be smokin all day starting at 420 am right on through the entire day is gonna be up in smoke. I’m gonna try to forget my name by means of smoking so much pot on this Cannatastic day.





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  1. Hey Josh, 4/20, right around the corner. Hey, thought I’d see if you have any idea where i can find this or if you’ve come across it in your travels. Back in the day I used to have a Jimmy Carter roach clip (it was back in the 70s when Carter was US president and the clip was a peanut with jimmy carter lips. I’m desperately trying to find a picture of it for a blog post but am coming up empty. thought you might know of some places that might have some vintage finds. I still have it, the clip, but I CAN’T FIND IT!!! And I know I just saw it within the last year so I’m kinda pissed off that I can’t find it now. Lol! Thought I’d give it a shot here anyway… Thanks in advance

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