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I just realized that there is a very cool, health food store in Gatineau Quebec… La Boite a Grains .. they pretty much have everything you could think of/need or want in terms of health food products, your Kardish equivalent … Anyway, I decided to hike over there to grab some items.. some of the more frequent products I would use and some I do use on a regular basis pictured below..




Dr. Bronner’s multi-purpose castile soaps.. some mouth/health friendly toothpaste and mouthwash




Can always use more coconut oil haha… this stuff is a great substitute for butter, and can be incorporated into your dishes as well as used for oil pulling for oral hygiene among other things like moisturizer ..




Some good ole’ tea.. nothing wrong with dandelion and some yerba mate.


You can spend quite a bit at these types of places, so proceed and shop with CAUTION LOL..



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