The High Canadian’s Update: Construction ..

Good Day Folks… I haven’t lost touch with ya’s … a friend of mine lined me up with a job helping him and another friend/acquaintance of his doing construction with a small crew..

I started this last week on tuesday.. and so far so good.. I was helping them with a rooftop project here in Ottawa on top of one of the bigger apartment buildings.. we constructed a somewhat “simple” catwalk / platform for workers to walk on to the AC unit and the Electrical room.. the justification for this platform, came about because City of Ottawa has new code in place that requires anything more than 5 ft off the ground to have a 48 inch wall .. and the wall on top of this roof (apartment complex) was short or shy about 8 inches.. so instead of creating and placing wood on the edge to raise it to the required height.. the City rejected that idea and we sort of had to come up with another plan and that was to create this “catwalk” so the workers weren’t “technically” on the roof…

sounds silly I know, but its all for good reasons I’m sure.. anyway, here is a picture of the finished project, along side of that will be a few pictures from the view ontop of the roof and the wall requiring a mere 8 inches to be up to code…



Here’s the view on top of this roof overlooking Ottawa


Here is the edge sort of, the wall anyway and it only needed to be a mere 8 inches higher, but code is code..


Lastly here is a picture of my most recent project we are working on, this house is being reno’d for new tenants and I had to strip all this crappy wall paper off, we re-laid the floor in the kitchen, new counter tops and cupboard doors, new door handles on every door in the house, new bathroom sub floor with new vanity, toilet, bathtub etc.. new coats of paint by the painter on all walls…

I hope to get some after pictures of the project because this one doesn’t show you our work, its the only “pre-construction” phase photo I took sadly.. lol


So all in all, I’m keeping pretty busy, hence the lack of blog updates… but don’t think for a second I quit.. LOL .. im hoping to score some new prime buds tomorrow or later this weekend, so another bud shot update with a smoke report should follow this post!

Stoner Love to all my readers!



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