NAFTA: Eli Lilly — Pharmaceutical Giant Sues Canada ..

eli lilly vs canada


This isn’t exactly “news” per se, but its newsworthy to me because I was unaware of this.. Funny isn’t it, how corporations have so much buying power they can actually “sue” or file lawsuits against a Country…  Well folks.. that was part of the NAFTA agreement that was signed into effect.. by I believe Stephen Harper? (please feel free to correct me where I’m wrong)

Anyhow.. I feel its very odd to have a lawsuit imposed against our country for something so silly/petty and benign as their drug patents and Canada not approving it.. well too bad.. However, I don’t feel we ought to be cornered and disciplined by economic means either… somehow or someway, this country we all Canadian’s love, needs to get steered around and out of the path of shit we’ve been on since the Tories have been in Office.. Screw Eli Lilly’s foreign investors, that goes along with Monsanto too.. these companies are too big and want to nickel and dime everyone and anyone they please to.. well, I am hopeful to see the day when these power companies all crash and tumble, and as they should!

I have very good reason to believe that the medical and pharmaceutical industry is designed to work against our health.. and so it must be everyone’s priority to maintain or lead an active and healthy lifestyle… bottom line, it comes down to accountability..

If you take preventative steps towards preventing sickness in the first place, that would be a step in the right direction… otherwise treating the disease or disorder becomes burdensome and fuels large medical bills etc… the system is clearly not set up right and I feel that is by design also.. by that I mean, its easier, cheaper and more convenient for simple folks to go grab a burger at any burger joint than to go home, prep wash some greens or make a veggie burger or something similar in nature that is far much healthier and less detrimental…

Now that is not to say, you need to cut all fast food out, but consider fast food as “treats” if you feel inclined to keep eating here and there some.. it just seems smarter, and is the exact approach I’ve taken.. I’ve found it very difficult to stay 100% RAW .. and thus I end up eating some cooked or lightly cooked foods, but I’m definitely eating more RAW in comparison than I ever have before…

Food for thought 😉


Ps: I sort of got side tracked here, but here is the article detailed in the picture above LOL .. utter nonsense.. think about it, they are technically “suing” all Canadian citizens as we are all responsible for our elected leader’s decisions in some light manner as he was put into power by vote.. whether or not the votes were rigged is a completely separate topic, I dare not venture into right now haha..



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