1 Cent Paid to Suicide Survivors of Canadian Forces member.. Like really???

1 cent suicide

Come on… wtf is this non-sense ?? Like honestly ? Who fucked this up ?  First it was Health Canada outing all the med-pot patients with their so called “administrative error” and now this also ?? Firstly… isn’t the PENNY out of circulation ?? like way to add insult to injury here … it just goes to show that even when YOU are working in the system – for the system.. you are likely to get fucked over.. I know because I did… not to this extent.. but in my own way I got fucked over.. check my video about it here

Read the full article here if that wasn’t enough scroll down and you will find even more dirt.. all the links to articles underneath “Related” and I downloaded the articles in case they “go missing” for XYZ reasons*

50 at large

Thats right folks… lets hold these criminal bastards accountable.. these families DESERVE answers at the very fucking least..

Gahhhh my blood is boiling right now.. I ought to call it a night. Look at the below pictures.. click the image will bring you to those articles… this is pathetic how they are treating these families…. seriously … what the fuck is going on or isn’t going on ? Sickening.

cover up military police

pay benefits



1 Cent paid to survivors of Soldier suicide

50 Soldier Suicides remain INCOMPLETE … WHY?

Former MND Peter Mckay makes cuts to Canadian Forces Soldier Suicide program

After Veteran’s Death Government Demands REPAYMENT of Benefits

Military Police withhold Soldier’s Suicide Note in Cover up Attempt – Stepfather Alleges


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