Can Anyone tell me, Why “CANADA” exists on the SEC as a corporate entity?

canadacanada as evidence

Click here for the original document .. the same thing exists with Ontario and all other encompassing provinces too I’d assume see below,  Click here  for Ontario’s original txt document at the SEC … also you will note the “FISCAL YEAR END” = 0331 if you go to any julian calendar date converter that date points to … BCE 4713 November 27 12:00:00.0 UT Wednesday … so how is that even POSSIBLE ??


If this is true, then can you use this knowledge in any part of legal defense for yourself in any matter ? ex.

Say in the matter of R v Parker  (terry parker case) and  ” R v ” meaning either Regina or Rex which are terms for Queen or King in latin ..  If the King or Queen are not in the courtroom how is it possible for the Court proceeding to advance.. or in titles such as “in the matter of Canada v Terry Parker  …  there must be some way to use this knowledge in court as a defense.. see the video below to sort of understand what I’m trying to get at..

I understand that all things in CAPITALS = Straw man or legal fictions .. so there must be something to this …

Im trying to make sense of all this, so any comments and ideas/input is appreciated… Thanks!



What does R v R mean ? 

Canada v Parker

Julian Date Converter


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