The following info is snagged from Mr. Turmel’s YouTube page where the above video was sourced ..

(hopefully its resourceful to you!)

The resistance is rising. The Fantastic Four just filed claims in Federal Court to strike “marijuana” from Schedule II of the CDSA or for damages from having to destroy marijuana, plants and production facility. Laurence Cherniak claimed over a million for his 25K@$15/g, 560 plants @$1,000/plant and equipment losses, Sam Mellace claimed over $5 million for the investment in his New Age Clinic plus his 20K and 400 plants. More on the way. Statement of Claim and Instructions and Record of Motion for interim exemption from prohibitions until trial (with out-of-towners info) at Torts may be added to the Statement of Claim for later filers! So it may get even better. We’re all going in for General Sittings on Tuesday March 11 2014 in Toronto and Montreal, Wednesday March 12 in Halifax, Ottawa, Vancouver, and other cities must book a Special hearing. Stay tuned on the MedPot Combat Engineer at Index of videos: 


Synopsis of Hitzig et al. v. Her Majesty the QueenParker v. Her Majesty the Queen
and Paquette and Turmel v. Her Majesty the Queen

Timeline of events provided by John Turmel



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