America: ready to slim up?


Can someone verify if there is indeed a food crisis on the brink? Its being talked about quite a bit, but I haven’t really noticed much up in Canada to date in regards to this … I’d like to hear it, or see some verifiable evidence that this is indeed real…

Everyone in the world knows America needs to lose weight, so perhaps a food crisis is their opportunity to slim up… America, has tried to parade its version of “democracy” aka hegemony around the world…. well they tried and failed. America had problems before they even tried to insert their “democracy” onto other nations. America should have, taken care of their domestic issues first at home, before trying to be a global leader … LEAD BY EXAMPLE… they sure missed that one.. by a long shot.. and since they didn’t or couldn’t have any of that, it seems as if EVERYONE will suffer to some extent… (if there really is a food crisis)

well to hell with all that bullshit.. get some life straws for your family, some garden variety vegetable seeds, some weed seeds and get ready for some subsistence FARMING action this year…. you’d rather be safe than sorry… but like I said, USA needs to lose weight, so this could be looked upon as time to reflect on the Standard American Diet (SAD = depression) which consists of WHEAT and a whole bunch of other crap designed to infiltrate your body with GMO, pesticides, and maybe some candida, who knows…. so I’d make good use of this so called “food crisis” for some RAW food healing… America, are you ready to slim the fuck up? Canada is not much better either with our ever expanding waistlines… time to step up to the plate.. these are all reasons everyone should slowly gravitate towards a plant based diet, away from processed and wheat and crap…

I find it mildly entertaining to see a potential “food crisis” on the rise… there are too many wealthy people in the world, that could all help financially with this “crisis”, but they are part of the problem, as they don’t care to fix it… why they got money to hold onto of course, no point in spending a couple trillion dollars to help the world…. the TOP earners in the world could help re-shape the world, but sadly the world is ran by a bunch of sicko’s that don’t care about you or your family.. after all we are the “USELESS EATERS“…. I think I caught a whiff of revolution… maybe not, time will tell.




  1. In case of emergency we can always eat the rich. I wouldn’t recommend it, as they are loaded with toxins and self entitled delusions.

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