KUSH.CA Presents….. 5 Gram Budder Dab!! (insane)

ABSOLUTELY INSANE!! 5 Gram Budder Dab… TKO Hit…

The Weed Guy — Gets pulled over, Marijuana Confiscated and then Returned… Cop Reccomends, BLUEBERRY Pot LOL


At least the Officer was reasonable about the situation… it always sucks to get your weed/medicine confiscated but, at least this Officer wasn’t too much of a dick about it… Reminds me of my run in with the Law when I got pulled over, although the Officer I dealt with gave it back to me on the spot, but he had also put the cuffs on me and had me wait in the back seat of his cruiser ..for sure I thought I was being arrested.. (I was still in the Canadian Military too, I was awaiting my voluntary release date when this happened so I definitely broke a small sweat LOL) while he searched the shit out of my car, only to find 5 grams hahaha… I wish I had that on video… but anyway in Quebec they don’t really care too much about Weed smoker’s anyway…



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