George Soros: The man behind the UKRAINE Crisis …. when will he die?


When exactly will these so called “ELITE” Die ??? I mean look at Soros… how old is this fucker ? he’s pushing 83 years old and still pulling strings behind the scenes… most notably is the UKRAINE Crisis that is currently underway …. He’s for “Marijuana Legalization” but I don’t care about that, that does not outweigh all his crimes against humanity he has ever-so slyly been engaged with …

So why is it that these “Elite” just continue to gradually age rather than suffer heart attack or stroke or whatever ailment and pass off? Surprisingly Cancer doesn’t seem to strike the Elite ? It seems they don’t die as much as they should, or as early as they should… probably because they have world class medical staff on standby or something like that… but I mean don’t those people get sick and tired of their bullshit? Just poison this son of a bitch already…

He apparently “Broke the Bank of England” so why is it that is old bastard of a human-being is still running around free? Why aren’t these people brought to their knees or yet thrown into a dark cave stripped of their clothes and all their possessions?  How can justice be served to these individuals of monstrosity ? Ridiculous I say.

Worst of all, he recently “Doubled” his bet that the S&P 500 will fall… so why not interrogate this fucker for financial terrorism? What does he know the rest of the world doesn’t? After all, if you are placing all your chips or a substantial amount on a bet such as the S&P 500 Crashing… don’t you think that deserves a bit more international attention amid all the recent apparent “BANKER Suicides” … I’m not trying to engage in fear mongering, I’m just trying to piece together what I’ve heard and read .. be it misinformation or not because I don’t have the resources to confirm…

… but lets just say.. if China Bans you from their country from doing business there what the hell does that tell you about the kind of individual he is ??


EDIT:  It appears to me there is more than GEORGE SOROS involved in this… check out the most recent links I posted under the related field at the bottom of this post… 

He goes so far to even admit being a “Puppet Master” ……




*Imperialists and NEO-NAZI’s in UKRAINE

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* RT Reports: Ukraine Political Party indicates Soros has been planning “Libyan Styled Crisis” for Ukraine

* The REAL George Soros: An Evil Despicable Excuse for a Human Being

* Why George Soros supports Marijuana Legalization


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