That Backfired now didn’t it ? …. SMOKE A FAT TRUDY!!


Images provided by The Star

The NAZI-Conservative party’s plans to doll out “Justin Trudeau” rolling papers at the Liberal convention may have come to a halt.. Toronto Cannabis enthusiast/advocate/connoisseur .. Chris “Goody” Goodwin has created his own version of the Trudeau rolling papers in advance, and they appear to be a hit already, raking in $500.00 in sales in just little more than a day since he put’em up on the shelves for sale at his Vapor Lounge down in Toronto.

I like’m, the papers retail for $3.95 you can smoke a “Trudy” ….. This just goes to show what kind of level the Conservatives will stoop to throw off their political adversaries… pretty low, and its funny how they thought that this might work against Justin Trudeau when in fact the opposite is true. I suspect these will be showing up in many headshops/smokeshops around the country.. as mentioned in the Star article, they will definitely make for a nice collector’s item when this era passes and weed is alas legalized in this country.

Buy’em here … if ya want a box, well you can get that too, right here


Also available for purchase via @ The Herb Collective

the herb

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LEAKED: Conservative Memo Detailing Intentions to Undermine Justin Trudeau


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