RCMP wasting Canadian Tax Dollars ….

rcmp wasted tax dollars


Image credited to: MMPRCanada


WOW… I’m stunned lol.. this is not “news” per se because this was reported on last year Feb 2013 as per the date on the image above.. but talk about POLICE STATE eh… Looks like to me they are really putting our tax dollars at work here to deter what? A little pot? Give me a fricken’ break man… thats nuts. To me, if I read between the lines correct, it appears the RCMP are just trying to get a free ride on the slopes with the TAX payers dime.. because lets be honest here folks… there is no way RCMP would be able to catch me rippin’ the mountain stoned… I’d take them through the trees and moguls and really put them to the test if I was being chased…

How is this practical at all? Snowboarders and skiiers alike can blaze on the lift up or just park in the trees for a few minutes.. so having RCMP out on the slops “Shreddin’ it up” trying to “deter substance abuse” on the mountain is very much a waste of resources on the tax payers account… This kind of stuff needs to just come to a halt already…. we already know the Drug was has been lost, but these folks need to hang onto their so called jobs and platinum pensions because well they are “doing gods work” by preventing Kids from smoking the devil’s weed… like at most you might get is someone with a quarter.. no one snowboards around with POUNDS of weed… like come on really ????   Ugh… I’m disgusted..  but I heard this type of thing is sort of “Normal” for Alberta… I guess so since thats HARPO the tyrant’s home province, so making that connection sort of makes sense.. a little, but hardly.

I thought maybe this was a joke at first, so I did a quick fact check by consulting GOOGLE.. and its not a joke.. the RCMP were monitoring the slopes last year, curious to know if the same was going on this year…



* RCMP Hitting the Slopes, Canada’s “WAR on Drugs” just got a bit weirder

* RCMP Patrolling Alberta Slopes


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