CANNABIS for ALL Canadians…… Yes you can!

access legal marijuana canada

Image Credited: Cannabis Culture

This write up by Matt Mernagh explains how accessing legal Cannabis in Canada has been simplified now (click image or link to go to the article) , under the new regulations to take effect 1 April 2014 under the MMPR cannabis is easier to access in the way that you don’t need to apply to the government for this, its pretty much a conversation with your doctor and he/she signs a medical document substantiating your request/requirement for Cannabis consumption… I think EVERYONE in Canada should  become LEGAL medical Cannabis users.. in effect then Cannabis is legalized, you just need to follow the foot trail and do a little bit of paper work and have a consultation with your medical practitioner..  He just confirmed everything I was talking about with TWEED inc. Via my recent emails with them, as I intend to juice cannabis fan leaves and stems.. now I can justify myself to use it for health purposes and also to medicate to help me with sleep at night and fueling my creativity … I’m really happy that the changes taking place are the right ones.. however I suspect this is the half-measure before full legalization… Cool beans.

All Credit goes to Mr. MERNAJUANA... Vote him for MAYOR of Toronto Folks he’s running!

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Edit: I will note, I don’t agree with the fact that the new MMPR forces Medicinal Cannabis patients to pay more for their medicine.. and scraps their rights for PERSONAL Growing …But, it does open doors to more Canadians to be able to access the medication. I personally feel, if enough people get personal use licenses, we might be able to tip the scales in our favour of OUTRIGHT LEGALIZATION … We have to wait and see what the Election in 2015 brings us and hopefully, its someone that makes a sweeping change in the RIGHT direction for ALL CANADIANS … Medical user or not.

Since TWEED inc. has been approved, I wonder if Justtin Trudeau will fulfill LEGALIZATION as he mentioned.. Or will he let his ties between himself and CEO of TWEED inc. get in the way? (ie. Trudeau won’t leagalize because it could potentially crush TWEED inc’s Profits.. lets hope not, I don’t think JT would do us over on that) This will be the ULTIMATE test for Justin Trudeau.. I would be curious to know Mr. Rifici’s stand point on that issue, if he is open to the idea of full Legalization.. perhaps he is, (perhaps he is just doing what he can right now within the law, or is that to naive?) and is using his position right now in the Medical side, to leverage himself to potentially be Canada’s biggest supplier of Cannabis for medical and then Recreational when and if the laws change… But how much demand will there be from Tweed Inc if people are able to Grow their own if full legalization takes hold??



* Article Indicating Chuck Rifici’s ties to Liberal Party Caucus  (first para, member of party board of directors)

* Sample Medical Document (Health Canada)

* Health Canada FAQ’s Marijuana



  1. I’m interested to see the second installment of this. It’s good that the program is getting less fascist and more “health” centered.

    I’m not sure the way they want to distribute the medicine, getting rid of dispensaries in the long run, is a good idea though.

    1. definitely is a good approach in the right direction.. it can only get better from here on out i would think…

      TWEED inc i believe intends on doing local distribution via delivery and through the mail as well i think also.. but not confirmed.. I know there is a guy in Ottawa here, Nitin Mehra that was seeking approval from City Council to open a distribution center.. I emailed him a couple weeks back… I ought to check up with him now that City of Ottawa has created ZONING for Medical Marijuana production facilities etc..



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