Something I’ve been meaning to do for a LONG TIME…

“The Pioneers of a WARLESS World are the Youth that refuse Military Service”

– Albert Eintstein

The long (emphasis on long) version of the story behind the video above is available for download at the link at the bottom of this Entry..

My memo for accelerated promotion..

Promo Memo

My PER report after my Promotion to CPL rank..

Should be course loaded on QL5

Me dressed up in the RELISH


The last Carrot dangling below….. Final PER.. Military’s meager attempt to “KEEP ME” in the system by offering another promotion, when they couldn’t even get me course loaded until I signalled to them I wanted OUT of the Military……. (so lame) I am grateful I didn’t give in and stay.. I am grateful I have a strong conscious. My FREE Spirit didn’t want any part of that.


Pension crap.. ANNX A

Annex A 1

More Pension crap.. emails back and forth..






I called DMCA the Career Manager a few days ago I think 11 Feb 14 and she confirmed she had “nothing to do with the Release Message” (the item pension svcs explicitly mentioned to me that was to come from DMCA) .. her words.. she said she would contact the release section.. So you see now, I’m running around in circles here trying to get the last ties broken.. My perception is that, someone is royally fucking up, or they are trying to fuck me over and make me wait the long haul. Perhaps they are really backed up, which would be an accurate reflection, because they are so short staffed, which wouldn’t surprise me one iota.

Here you can read my long version of the events.. My Last 3 years of Service Up in Smoke!

All this pension crap does is confirm for me, that when the Government owes you money they take their sweet ass time.. but when YOU owe them money, its like RIGHT NOW, PAY UP OR ELSE like really? Fuck off.

I’ll keep ya’s all posted when and If my paperwork comes through.. until then, Smoke on!




  1. Regarding your closing confirmation: Yep, the government and insurance companies: they want your money now now now but they reimburse and payout later later later. Red tape all around. Sorry that happened to you. 😦

    1. yep.. its always been this way i think… ahh its all good.. its bound to sort itself out.. its more or less annoying though when you are told 1 thing and then it turns out to be a lie or sham or whatever…. like I was pretty selfless the past 3 years at that unit, i gave 6 months notice, the whole 9 yards and after doing a bunch of great work for this unit, in return this is the kind of thanks i get… i mean i didn’t expect them to just deposit it right then and there, i was inquiring about things because I was told how the process works so those were my expectations.. im greatful to have left the military to become a better person and to reclaim that part of my life i lost when i was inside that mess… it wasn’t all bad experiences, but when i think about it, i could have had this blog 5 real deep if i started this 5 years ago… you know what im sayin’ ? Lol

      1. I do know what you’re saying but, like you said, it’s all good. That’s because you (we) are exactly where you’re (we’re) supposed to be and everything that has happened up til this point was the way it was supposed to happen…and most of the time for reasons of which we are unaware. Like they say, it’s none of our business what God, the Universe, our Higher Power has in store for us; all we need to know is that there’s a plan and it will ultimately be for our highest good. We may not like how we get there and the journey may suck, but at some point down the road we will probably look back and say, Yep, it’s a good thing things worked out the way they did for they are what got me (us) here. At least that’s what I hold onto and that’s what keeps me pushin’ on. Reminds me of that song by REO Speedwagon: “Keep Pushin”. You know it?? I used to say that was my theme song back in the late 70s/early 80s. I play that song once in awhile just to remind myself…

      2. yup.. bang on! its not like we were put here for nothing so.. i agree… i haven’t listened or heard of it i will play it now LOL.. things happen for reasons, we eall need to find the positive reasoning and and explore positive opportunities or look at the potential positive opportunities and go from there…

        time for my morning smoothie!


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