Banks Allow POT Businesses to Open Bank Accounts in the United States

banks flex for pot business

GREAT News Folks.. US Government taking steps in the right direction… check it out … an Article from Bloomberg Personal Finance states the following… 

The U.S. government took a step toward legitimizing the marijuana industry, allowing U.S. banks to offer accounts and other services to businesses in states where medical or recreational pot sales are legal. The Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network issued guidelines for banks intended to reduce the danger that sellers face in operating an all-cash business. The rules would also give law enforcement more information about marijuana business activity, the agency said yesterday in a statement.”

Another excerpt from the article states the following .. 

I’m not saying there won’t be any banks that accept accounts from pot businesses where it’s legal,” he said by telephone. “But I think most banks will approach this with a healthy skepticism until marijuana is considered legal at the federal level.

Healthy skepticism it is for now I guess… pretty optimistic for now… It shall do.

These are awesome developments happening in the United States where Marijuana is legal for retail … I bet there’s a lot of HIGH Fives and Joints going around tonight to celebrate the small but significant victory for Cannabis based businesses, dispensaries and retailers alike…. I’m Cheering ya’s on!! LEGALIZE!

I find it so cool that the United States is gaining traction with this… maybe things are starting to change after all … I was thinking change would never come… it was pretty stagnant the past few years, especially with all the raids that were going on back in 2009. I vividly remember reading and hearing about all that jazz, so its cool were entering a shift in thinking… Ahh At last…



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