Leaked: Conservative memo detailing intentions to Undermine Justin Trudeau

undermine trudea

(Article provided from TheStar) (my notes/thoughts in red)

“OTTAWA—Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are planning to target Justin Trudeau at the upcoming Liberal convention with a carefully orchestrated campaign to disrupt Liberal communications, highlight disunity in the ranks and question his leadership abilities. (Hmm.. how professional, I mean is this the kind of behavior we need to expect in politics? how does disrupting communications for another party do ANY good for Canadians, aside from trying to win voter support so the TYRANT can maintain Dictatorship and power? should we not thirst for a different system to rid ourselves of these poli-tick parasites?)

I truely don’t understand how belittling or disrupting a Liberal Convention is going to help win voter support for the Cons, and I don’t see the value in any of that crap. Why don’t the Cons just stick and focus on themselves? What a crock of shit this version of “democracy” we have here really is..

“The game plan, laid in out Conservative party documents obtained by the Star, spells out the objective in three words: “drive, disrupt, disunity.” (did somebody say, “divide and Conquer”?? I think so..)

“The six-page note says the Conservatives’ goal is to “drive our narrative” which it lays out: “Trudeau in over his head, has poor judgment, only interested in legalizing marijuana VS. PM’s strong, stable leadership, focused on what matters most to Canadians.” (Just because Trudeau is young and up to speed with things, ie. he’s more down to earth than Harper and pursues to legalize Cannabis, that  allows the cons to say Justin has poor judgement? Well how about poor judgement on this, your SENATE SCANDAL ? How about WAR CRIMES  for bombing LIBYA ? How about bringing him to justice for war crimes against Humanity ? Wheres the accountability? Is everyone brainwashed into thinking that was the SMARTEST decision to make in the name of Canada??  Read this

How about this ASSHOLE, Peter McKay, who actually CUT funding for Soldier Suicide prevention programs? Didn’t know about that eh? Ya, Read on.. he did that just before swapping Jobs with Rob Nicholson.. another douchebag… The smartest thing to do would be to RAMP up on the program since you’re pulling the TROOPS out, so you can help the soldiers overcome their troubles when they return… .  check this out… 50 Suicides since roughly 2008 remain unresolved at the Board of Inquiry level.. thats 50 families with ZERO questions answered folks.. how fucked up is that? We must ask ourselves, why our TROOPS commit these tragedies? What is WRONG with the Canadian Forces? How about MORALE to start? How about the stupid Chain of Command that doesn’t really work?

The “Chain of Command”  works for people at the top of the Chain of Command, but for little privates and corporals, unless your a “favourite” or well liked, your memos aren’t being read, they go into the shredder or some kind of intervention happens to you to prevent you from doing what you desire to accomplish..

Simple example is my friend, I lost to suicide in October 2013.. he was trying to trasnfer from the Infantry out and they claimed to have “lost the paperwork/memo” but recovered it after the deadline had passed, forcing him to re-submit and potentially wait up to another few months or whatever for an answer just to switch his trade???? Unrealistic folks, un fucking realistic….. Anyway back to the article……..

The note even muses about “more gimmicky ideas,” such as distributing ZigZag rolling papers screened with Trudeau’s face and the Liberal logo to put a focus on the Liberal leader’s comments about the legalization of marijuana.

In an email to the Star Sunday, Dimitri Soudas, the executive director of the Conservative Party of Canada, did not deny the existence of the strategy note and indeed repeated the very messaging the Conservatives hope to deliver at the Liberal convention. “Canadians will face a clear choice in the next election between Justin Trudeau’s poor judgement, lack of experience and bad plan on the economy and Prime Minister Harper’s strong, stable leadership and low tax plan for jobs and economic growth for Canadian families,” Soudas said.”

This leaked memo just further drives home the point that politics is all bullshit and about power and money, not the interests of Canadians.. not until we have a ZERO partisan system it will remain like this.. OVERGROW.



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