Ottawa: Paranoid City Councillors finally approve Medical Marijuana Zoning…


So as per the title reads… City Councillors in Ottawa, are finally coming to reality here folks.. they’ve crash landed.. at last they are realizing and acknowledging a problem and doing something about it, but its all egocentric at heart, lets not kid ourselves, no one does nothing without their own interests put forward… the fact is folks, that 75% of Ottawa is designated as an “agricultural zone”.

So you see the bigger picture here, without zoning in place, effectively, these Legal Medical Marijuana production facilities could set up shop anywhere in the city almost…. our uptight and well, paranoid City Councillors in Ottawa didn’t want to have any of it, so they finally had to bend over, as reality kicked in, even though, popular opinion and modern society has trumped their silly beliefs with FACTS… Their paranoia to medical marijuana in this city is so high, there is not enough weed in the world for me to smoke to reach their level of paranoia.. its artificial paranoia folks …. its outrageous, and the people of this country deserve better than that, myself included. Now I know TWEED Inc is in Smiths Falls

Anyway, onward with the article… provided by the Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — Industrial-scale marijuana grow ops should be allowed in Ottawa’s industrial areas, city council’s planning committee agreed Tuesday, though councillors want to make sure you know how disreputable they think the whole idea of medicinal pot is.

The city needs zoning rules to say where the production facilities should be when a new regime from Health Canada kicks in April 1 that restricts medicinal marijuana production to heavily regulated private producers. The city has already heard from nine would-be producers, councillors heard from their top building-permit official Arlene Gregoire, and if nobody did anything they’d be allowed to set up in any agricultural zone — a designation that covers about 75 per cent of the city, including plenty of properties on the edges of suburbs and rural villages.

After months of work, the city’s urban planners proposed restricting the grow ops to industrial areas, as long as they aren’t within 150 metres of areas designated for residential uses or institutional ones, such as schools and community centres. That’s more than double the 70-metre buffer ordinarily required for “sensitive” land uses.

“It is intended to provide somewhat more comfort to members of the public,” explained city planner Carol Ruddy, and it’s the standard used in most of the American states that allow medicinal marijuana production.”

The Article goes on to say that, 

A 150m buffer zone is required for Legal Medical Marijuana production facilities. Interesting point to note in the Citizen’s article is Carol Ruddy’s comment on the fact that, she seems to think there is commonality between the Pharmaceutical Plant – Nordion based in Kanata that actually processes also, radioactive materials, and Legal Medical Marijuana production facilities… the Pharmaceutical plant in Kanata has a buffer zone of a mere 70m, and they doubled and then added some for Legal Medical Marijuana production facilities…  my god here comes the devil’s weed right? Like are  they on crack up here too? I’d like to see them tested, their recent ways beg me to question their abilities to perform their duties…. the best part, has yet to be seen….

The Article furthers with…

“How will growers get rid of waste plant material? Stittsville’s Shad Qadri asked. We really have no idea, do we? Actually we do, Ruddy replied. The federal government requires that it be soaked in a solvent to destroy its active ingredients and then composted.”

They haven’t got a damn clue. How about they create a team of experts to deal with the issue since they are coming off very incompetent..  What WASTE?? All plant material can be used in some way or another, there should be ZERO if any waste, and I’ll tell you why…

There ought to be ZERO waste, because these giant corporations that won the licensing, can re-use or recycle the Fan leaves and stems etc.. and create canna-juices/concentrates or smoothies and teas which will not get you high, but deliver CBD and other great nutrients…  (..which is a business venture idea I am exploring , and am highly interested in, however because of their incompetent ways, and all the grey area bullshit in the way, how’s a young kid supposed to take advantage of a viable, but currently illegal idea or business venture? shall I sit and wait? or ask for forgiveness later if push comes to shove?? Only the big players can move forward…)

Another funny thing to note is, I think, if I look at the dates, PEI of all places may have picked up on this ahead of Ottawa it seems.. see this article..

City Paves Way for Medical Marijuana Production Facility

They mention in their article the following: “..These are legal, federally regulated facilities. We cannot prohibit them so what council did tonight was restrict them to some very small areas of the city,” Lantz said. “A vote against this resolution is essentially a vote for the status quo which is to keep these unregulated which means they could be built essentially anywhere so council did the responsible thing, thankfully.”

If they are indeed federally regulated, why not let the federal regulators deem where is appropriate, and where is not appropriate? I don’t have clear understanding of Municipalities and where they can step in or city councils, but to me, it makes sense, if you are changing a law for something, esp that of a business nature then you fully and wholly change the laws or legislation, why is some being pieced together by city planners? Couldn’t the whole bit be done at the Federal level to avoid all this wish-wash?

Lastly, just for laughs here.. since we all know how to use google maps.. 1 hershey dr Smiths Falls is the address to TWEED Inc.. probably Canada’s biggest commercial grower for medical marijuana most recently licensed, is actually inside a neighborhood or across the street.. but I know Smiths Falls and Ottawa are separate, but just look at how they fit this right into the neighborhood.. if these facilities were as dangerous as city planners and city council members insist, then who’s to say that the “Gangstaz in ottawa” can’t simply drive down there to smiths falls, do a job robbery and on their way out shoot up some folks over there too? .. After reading the Citizen article and doing the Google Maps search on Tweed Inc’s location, I am not surprised at the hypocrisy, I’m rather entertained for the moment….

tweed inc close to homes

to homes




    1. yes oh yes.. gotta ween them off their mighty high-horses first to bring them off the pedestal…. but agreed, free weed for everyone… everyone needs to just calm down in the world.. weed definitely helps bring people to a more aware state…. doesn’t hurt to take a breather* =)

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