Inspiring 19 Year old – researches how to clean our oceans!!

I seen this on my fb wall earlier today, watched and immediately felt compelled to blog about this.. look at this brilliant 19 year old putting in his own time/money and efforts into helping a global issue.. why are governments not piecing this stuff together? Like he said, “only when we realize change, is more important than money, money will come” damn brilliant.. I hope this young man’s father is proud of his son!!

(even if his idea fails at first attempts, at least he may bring about a solution or the solution required, he’s got the right mind set and attitude!!)

Amazing, wouldn’t it be ?  If, we all just said to fuck with our regular day jobs, and everyone job-searched or created their own “Environmental” niche jobs, I suspect everyone has an untapped passion and lots of people jump in the 9-5 workflow out of necessity and personal decisions.. I think a large majority, can be their own boss these days, but that same large majority that wants to be, hides out in fear because of the unknown or the ramifications of stepping outside the comfort bubble …

My single question is this, why did this come from a 19 year old and not scientists who are paid to look into these sorts of issues and potential solutions? Why not them and why this kid? See how our current system is broken? The Scientists that get dump-loads of money or did get lots of money, why haven’t they produced this kind of tangible research ?  Anyway.. tax dollars spent wisely.. we all need to step up to the plate and lend a helping hand to the Earth, which has housed us as UNRULY guests for far too long.. its long over due, to reciprocate with the Earth, I think.

Lets start JAIL BREAKING planet earth.. and by that I mean, first things first, is, each country resolve its own conflicts internally BEFORE touting one’s system of governance to other nations…. then ditch taxes and jobs and all that bullshit that doesn’t really matter, toss it all out, re-focus our lives around healing, protecting and preserving the earth, that is PRI 1 right now as much as we don’t realize it, it is PRIORITY 1 …  heal, protect and preserve the earth can all be done without RELIGION or RACISM involved, so fuck those two concepts altogether, and by “fuck” I mean everyone either ought to respect other peoples choices to follow a religion or faith, and if you don’t follow, dont discriminate them for it, and if you do follow don’t discriminate those that aren’t interested.. how simple is that?  .. a lot easier said than done, I know…  but how about the new human. Like Human 2.0 (he/she does not litter, he/she is polite and helps his or her local community/environment etc.. you get the idea, we teach them from birth up how to live in harmony with earth) we can start job-creation for RESPONSIBLE parents… what you do now for free, if you’re great at it, (ie. able to raise a responsible and mindful human being) will enable you to make some coin in the future.. its clear to me, the mind-less people are out-fucking the smart people on planet Earth, mind-less souls unfortunately seem to be modern-day baby mills)

I understand way back in the day that sex must’ve been rampant at some point in human history to keep “us” from dying off into extinction .. so but we have quite a few people on the planet, why do we continue to stuff it with more? Should we globally slow down this growth? which countries are out-fucking other countries? Which country needs to step it up in the sex department? We all know which continent needs the most contraceptive protection… I’m not certain where I would put myself in terms of the idea of “population control” how do we deal with this issue of overcrowding? is it a real issue? how would we confirm that?

Lastly, I’ll close with.. lets start tapping into technology to heal the planet, and veer away from technology and ideas that are killing it.. I think this is the turning point we’ve reached, I think its around the corner.. WHO’S With ME?  😉



*19 Year old finds way to clean the world’s oceans in 5 years


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