Critical thought for the day: Why Nek-Nomination is a bad idea..


1. Drinking Alcohol to excess leads to, wear and tear on your liver, excess calories and in excess over extended periods, decreases ambition and turns you into an alcohol slob..

2. Drinking alcohol leads to hardly anything CONSTRUCTIVE or positive, creatively speaking..

3. Drinking alcohol, simply can cause death and or hangover which is enough sometimes to wish you actually did die.

4. Drinking excessively to “out peform” your friend or to pose a challenge to him, so he feels inferior to you because “why,, you’re a man” if you drink 20 bajillion shots of whisky every friday night.. he succumbs to the challenge and you just killed your friend..

…herb ’til death, do me part




    1. LOL nice… I suppose in reality, you could “NekNominate” anything or any challenge.. I myself am just not a fan of the things that can actually kill other people and knowingly engage in that activity … its kind of an odd thing to put yourself into from my perspective..

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