Re-tooting the “Coconut oil” horn …

You gotta love the smart  algorithms of the search engines these days.. I was shown an interesting headline, and clicked to read further about what the article had to say… click the images to read more about coconut oil..

coconut oil bact killer

 Here is the AIT press release mentioned in the article..   AIT Researches show how coconut oil combats tooth decay

How to choose a good Coconut oil

how to choose a good coconut oil

How to make your own organic coconut oil.. (im considering giving this a shot myself!)


Nutiva Coconut oil

Vita Cost buy Coconut oil



    1. haha thanks.. i did notice my one tooth on the upper left was sore to brush before i started doing this again.. the pain has since resolved itself… =) im going to keep it in my morning regiment for the time being.

      1. I switched a while back. No need for toothpaste chemicals. Use baking soda with it and never need to see a dentist. That’s the goal anyway.

  1. Good info! I always put coconut oil on my dental floss. Actually, one can use coconut oil for so many different purposes. It’s one of the greatest oils!

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