EMF’s ….. Myth or Reality?? help me sift through the BS..



I need to know, from an educated stand point, the low downs on EMF’s.. I’ve read jargon online saying its all bad, you can “reclaim your power” .. etc.. I just want a cut and dry answer if EMF’s are really hampering us, or is it just a quack ? is there more than meets the eye in the case of EMFs ?? and if so, what are the best blocking devices one might employ for at home, and for when your on the go ie. en route to work or in the office or job site…  there are numerous online shops offering products such as these ones..


EMF Solutions Canada

-Earth Calm products

-Canadian Cell Tower map


I would appreciate someone with firsthand experience, to help me sift through the bullshit if there is any..  I’d like to get to the bottom of this.. I’ve read about the WiFi given off with smart meters as well so it comes to me genuinely as a health concern, and I just question legitimacy at this point..




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