Oil Pulling


What is Oil Pulling? For those that do not know, it is the practice of swishing in your mouth for minimum 20 minutes, sesame oil, or raw organic cold pressed coconut oil in your mouth. Why would you do this? Well, its believed to be an a Ayurvedic remedy for oral health and detoxification.  It is said that it aids in removing harmful bacteria, fungus, and other organisms out of the mouth, teeth, gums and even throat. It is best done, in the morning on an empty stomach soon as you wake up… If you are going to do this, ensure you swish it and pull it through your teeth for at minimum 20 minutes, spit into the toilet so you don’t fill your sink with pathogens, rinse with warm water and sea salt, then brush your teeth lightly.

I haven’t done this lately, until last night, and I must say, after doing it, it was like a weight was lifted.. I encourage you to experiment with this and try and see if it helps with your health..  Here are some of the listed potential benefits Oil pulling may have in store for you…

• Migraine headache relief
• Correcting hormone imbalances
• Reducing inflammation of arthritis
• May help with gastro-enteritis
• Aids in the reduction of eczema
• May reduce symptoms of bronchitis
• Helps support normal kidney function
• May help reduce sinus congestion
• Some people report improved vision
• Helps reduce insomnia
• Reduced hangover after alcohol consumption
• Aids in reducing pain
• Reduces the symptoms of allergies
• Helps detoxify the body of harmful metals and organisms

Still not convinced? Check out the related links below…  😉



*Green Med Info – Oil Pulling to Optimal Health (includes references to studies)

*Mechanism of Oil Pulling therapy (in vitro study)

*Food Matters article on Oil Pulling



  1. I’ve tried that. I used coconut oil. BUT: how do people swish for 10 to 20 minutes???!!! I was only able to last about 60 seconds!

    1. lol.. it takes some practice to get used to.. my trick is to do it first thing in the morning when im waking up and can do other things while im swishing around .. i like to have something to do and swish to keep my mind off the time, i look at the clock when i start and do something for 20 mins.. im swishing right now typing this actually lol as i just awoke moments ago..

      1. I’ve never had the opportunity to talk to anyone actually doing it. How long have you been pulling? And what are you seeing for yourself as the benefits? Maybe I should give this a try again…

      2. i actually was told by a friend about a year ago, the potential benefits of oil pulling.. i did it for about 2 or 3 months and my teeth and gums were healthier.. my mouth just felt a lot cleaner too… i had stopped doing it for a while, and recently got into it again, which prompted me to write about this concept… for me, the benefits are more or less, fresher breath and healthier gums.. i am not sure if there is a placebo effect, but the other night when i started this again, after doing so, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted, i felt “balanced” again..

        i didnt really have an excuse for stopping, i think it just more or less was occupying my time too much when i had to wake up at 5am and be at work for 6, i was more concerned with sleeping and ensuring i got breakfast down range and my lunch packed..

        i’d say, give it a go, try for 20 mins again, and if you can get by with 20 mins, try it for 1 week, make it a new experiment for only this week, if you don’t feel any different then you could just drop the idea.. im going to try and keep with it, to me, cleaning your mouth this way and rinsing with sea salt after and then brushing seems to really give a “clean” feel inside the mouth… i wasn’t rinsing with sea salt in the past …

        keep me posted =)

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