Healing with Love… possible or impossible, whats your take ?

Please watch and comment.. I am curious of the validity… lets discuss and di-sect




  1. When I was 4yrs old, I had massive bladder infections/issues. Tests showed that the valve on my left kidney was deformed. Doctors said the only hope for me to live a normal life was to have an extremely complicated surgery with high risks and a 2 month, flat-on-my-back recovery time. My folks didn’t care for that idea and every night for the next several months, my mother did what she called ‘laying on of hands’ healing sessions on my back in the area of my kidney. One night she left lightly burned hand-imprints on my back. When we had the tests done again, the doctors were baffled…the valve was completely normal. One doctor told my folks that he not only didn’t have an explanation, he didn’t want to know if there was one.

    What can we do with our energy if we concentrate it, direct it…I’m betting we’ve not begun to scratch the surface of that potential.

      1. My folks were heavy into Edgar Cayce’s readings/teachings at that time. Not sure if that had anything to do with the healing technique but I *think* it was an influence. There should be tons of info available on places like The Association for Research & Enlightenment. Happy Googling! 🙂

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