If you can make a Law based off what LADY Gaga says, then I should be making laws….


Jefferson Beauregard “Jeff” Sessions III is the junior United States Senator from Alabama. First elected in 1996, Sessions is a member of the Republican Party. He serves as the ranking minority member on the Senate Budget Committee. Born on December 24, 1946 (age 67), in Selma Alabama…  In a recent article feature d on FORBES... he declares that “Marijuana Can’t be Safer than Alcohol, because LADY GAGA, says she’s Addicted to it”

So where to start with this piece of work? AMAZING.. now that I caught my breath from laughing my ass off the damn chair.. Jeffy Jeff Jeff.. you silly sad man.. if you can justify creating a LAW or keeping the status quo, regarding Marijuana in the good ‘ole USA because “LADY GAGA, says so”…. Then I may as well start creating laws myself… what kind of inane rhetoric is this? Where did you pull that from? Your wrinkly old age-home ass?

I mean honestly? Is he indeed serious about this? I mean he must be, since the article on Forbes cited Gaga as an “Authority” (how is a shitty celeb pop star anything of an authority??) I guess sessions takes orders from her, him, whoever…. but the author of the Forbes article also denotes .. “…former Rhode Island congressman Patrick Kennedy, chairman of the anti-pot group Project SAM, who according to the senator “says the president is wrong on this subject.”  Yet here is what Kennedy said during a recent debate on CNN with my Reason colleague Nick Gillespie: I agree with the president. Alcohol is more dangerous… 

Forbes, I am unimpressed you actually published this.. I am further unimpressed because I felt compelled to blog about such nonsense…




      1. Exactly. Apparently over 100, 000 people volunteered to go to Mars on a one way trip. Unfortunately, none of them were from the psychopathic class. We should make it mandatory for these asswipes. They have lost their humanity anyway, what are they still doing on the planet?

      2. yea.. no kidding eh… i’ve come across some really empowering information (you may or may not already know about it)… check this stuff out.. really neat.. there is a lot more too!


        there is one specific typo that stood out in that PDF it is … the reference to EXO 13:5 should really be…
        ” (EXO 15:3) The LORD is a man of war. The LORD is his
        name. ”

        There are more PDF’s on freedomfiles.org

        I downloaded them all and am reading them…. quite interesting.. I sort of knew this deep within, but never was able to find text that really explained it all.. have been a long time reader of the FREE MAN and Robert Menard.. very cool stuff..whats your take on the FREE MAN On the land movement? I am fascinated by it. I first watched Robert Menards “bursting bubbles of government deception” like 5 years ago and knew there was something more to it!

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