ATTENTION All Bloggers – Develop an App for your blog!!

Alright folks… after watching the video above, I decided to give it a shot… it is a powerful little site that enables ANYONE.. even me, a pothead to develop their own apps.. and YES I did… I am bringing you guys even closer to me! LOL how exciting.. I am liking it.. So I crafted a little app, Its basic, I think only 5 people can download it, so First come first serve…

It took a lot of trial and error to get it to look the way I wanted.. a tip.. you must update after you change something each time.. so ensure you update as much as you edit.. keep at it, and you will create your app to your liking! I was able to complete this in about 1-2 hours of playing around on the site, as I did not have images the appropriate size and had a bit of trouble with the RSS bit.. but other than that, I was able to create something I am happy with.

Highly recommend to any SERIOUS bloggers to consider this, you can increase some of the features and aspects if you *Cough.. pay them money.. for now I am sticking to the basic subscription, as I do not have the means to fully develop this yet.. even though I want to… Like I said, watch the video, check out their site, and well the first 5 people can have a go with my app. LOL.

I will consider fully developing this once I have an income stream/means to do so .. ya gotta love the unemployment…

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did!




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