EXACTLY what is wrong with Ottawa???


An Ottawa Sun news article titled “Pot Pitch for warehouse draws heat from City Hall” it is as if the SUN article is trying to denigrate this humble man, Nitin Mehra from opening an honest and transparent business. Its actually not a warehouse, but a DISPENSARY …  He mentions that during City Hall meeting there were staff that are ACTUALLY concerned about “Machine Gun fights”  taking place as a result of having a business like this open… wow.

Anyone that lives in Ottawa knows its the most policed and heavily policed city in Canada.. anyone willing to perform one of these feats as suggested by City Hall would face very unfortunate consquences.. We are a city that has Ottawa Police, OPP, RCMP, Military Police, Transit police, and lets not leave out the Gatineau Police across the bridge at the ready… I think we are ARMED and ready to take on Cannabusiness in this city, but City Hall Councillors must be smoking CRACK to think that machine gun fights will result of opening a dispensary.

Funny thing to note is, there was one open in Ottawa in 2013 on Somerset St. It didn’t last very long… but I don’t ever recall any “Machine Gun Fights”  while this was open… and WHO approved it????


 The owner of a new medical marijuana dispensary in Ottawa says he will stop selling to clients who are not medically certified. About a week ago, Ryan Levis opened the dispensary out of the Greater Ottawa Health Advocacy Centre, which is on Somerset Street West in Ottawa’s Chinatown neighbourhood. He said he is federally licensed to sell the marijuana and clients are supposed to show their medical certification when they buy. Levis does sell to medically certified clients, though he admitted to being a little relaxed on the rules on Wednesday. Then on Thursday, though, he changed his tune and told CBC News he would start only selling to certified clients.

“We don’t discriminate between illnesses — one is not different from the other. They’re all the same. As long as they’re enduring illnesses we’ll validate them,” said Levis, who claims he has sold to about 150 people since opening.

Health Canada states medical marijuana is for the treatment of pain from epilepsy or Multiple Sclerosis.

The rest of the article is available here

The Dispensary noted above closed its doors approximately 2 weeks later… and an investigation has been started to determine whether or not it operated legally … Read the article here..  really makes me wonder what goes on in this city…

So how is it, that a White Young man is able to have a Dispensary open (even if for 2 weeks, and probably without approval) but yet Nitin Mehra, who is seeking approval and trying to be transparent as possible, is getting nowhere with City Hall for trying to be reasonable?

TWEED Inc. has won its Federal Licening so they will no doubt require help distributing the product…How do people expect to get access without a means for distribution? If HELLTH Canada thinks that Tweed Inc can rely on postal services, will they create special rules or Law specifically for TWEED inc to distribute by mail?

After all it is a private business, and they would be committing an offence to send this through the mail to the patients. I suspect Prairie Plant Systems is able to get away with that since they are funded by the Government… ?  So so much red tape everywhere…

Maybe we ought to OPEN a vapor lounge in Ottawa.. I would love to run one, I am considering this for the future… a Slap in the face kind of haven for pot smokers and patients to consume in safe harbour .. there is one in Toronto by the name of Vapor Central


*Ottawa Police give the “Okay” For Medicinal Storefront as long as it follows the rules

*Medical Pot Shop Opens In Ottawa

*Medical Marijuana Clinic Closes


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