TWEED inc. Succeeds in obtaining Federal Licening to produce Marijuana Seeks TSX Listing


” Tweed Inc., an Ontario company that won a federal licence today to grow medical marijuana, plans to seek a listing on the TSX Venture Exchange.

It has sent a letter of intent to the Toronto Stock Exchange saying it plans to take over a ticker owned by LW Capital Pool Inc. as soon as it can complete the regulatory process for listing on the Venture Exchange.

The company will grow medical marijuana at its site in a former Hershey Co. plant in Smiths Falls, Ont., about 80 kilometres southwest of Ottawa. Registration begins Feb. 6 for patients wanting to buy its product.

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Don’t you just love knowing your government is looking out for your best interests,  especially when they decide that, when it suits them, they open the floodgates to BIG BUSINESS to produce mass amounts of marijuana-medicine to levy more Taxes from sick people who need this medicine? The plant solely exists on this planet as a free plant, yet, apparently there are people in this world crazy enough to think they can put a ban on nature. Not only a ban on nature, but a ban to everyone’s basic human right, which is to consume whatever they want… I’m borrowing my body as a vessel in this experience we call “life” and I have every right to experience all the pleasures life has to offer, cannabis being one of them. Same applies to everyone else.. these silly laws shall not apply…My recommendation is to grow 5 big ass plants, 6 is mandatory minimum, so just grow 5 to offset the costs of paying BIG BUSINESS.. you may be able to cut the bill in half if you do it correct!

Notice how the laws have changed? I am not a med patient, but I am not thrilled about the changes either… it directly affects my fellow man/woman who requires this for their ailments.. its nonsense and a haphazard solution to make the rich more rich…. Whats it gonna take to heal this country? I was born in Canada, but I am not sure, I can say any longer that I live in “Canada” as I known it to be.

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  1. Conservatives and their hypocrisy make me sick. How convenient that no one is allowed to grow this plant, except the corporate friends of these scumbags.

      1. We should organize and plant pot seeds absolutely everywhere, especially around cop shops and MP’s offices. We also should not be afraid of Harper and his goons; we shall grow weed in our homes and tell the Conservatives where to go! Hey coppers! Come and get me! I have 43 cannabis plants growing in my basement! Controlling creeps. Hypocrites. All of you.

      2. LOL .. yess i had an idea to CROWDSOURCE some money to hire a pilot and buy seeds bulk to do air drops all across the province or at least organize a pilot in each province to do this… would be sooo fucken cool.. let the MALES breed so they create seed and it just perpetuates.. like honestly we are only 35 million so we could easily overwhelm our police forces nation wide with that tactic… just need some people to help kick that off.. LOL

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