Inspiration for the day….


How cool was that  video? I mean the narrator really is spot on.. I couldn’t argue with him.. I think that is something everyone needs to learn and experience…..

..One other video thats inspirational.. 

Could you hug a complete Stranger? Have you ever needed a hug and just wished you had someone to reach out to? Do you know that a hug, being a simple gesture, could make a real impact on someone’s life? We all should try and reach out more to one another, your neighbor, the grocer who rings in your food…

The planet is going through rough times right now, and we are so disconnected from each other through technology, we are fighting each other over what???  …yet we are all the same… we are all human, the tallest man, or the President was even a baby at one point..  if we wish to achieve peace and live happily .. it starts with YOU, YOU need to put out that frequency, and it will find its way back to you…

To conquer those that manipulate us through FEAR, WICKEDNESS, HATE and RACISM, and those that seek to keep us divided among ourselves, we must COME TOGETHER AS ONE .. that is to say we must promote love among each other,  like you would love your brother, or sister, respect towards the next man or woman, or child.. it is ONLY when WE can SEE past the colour of skin and accept someone for their differences then that is the moment where peace begins. We cannot achieve peace through WAR or occupying countries and fighting them in their backyards that is cowardly.

Forgiveness is a big game changer.. for only when you forgive, can you move forward from the past…

 Even those rotten apples in high places that don’t particularly have a regard, or reservation towards humanity, even they deserve a drop of forgiveness, for to hurt them or punish them, would be to bring ourselves down to  their level.. we don’t want to play their game anymore, so we must be the BIGGER PEOPLE, we must RISE above them through peaceful means.. I know it, and you know it.. We must bring them to  our level, instead of going to theirs.

We must flood the earth with loving spirit so much so, they cannot do anything about it.. yes they committed their crimes, however realize no one is perfect, for they are subjected to the same human faults as you and I… they are playing this game of LIFE, like you and I, they just have different roles as players in the big game.. they are the BOSS at the end of the video game we must COLLECTIVELY defeat.. we will defeat them as ONE.. we will win as ONE.



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