Why its IMPORTANT, to research EVERY Prospective EMPLOYER prior to the Interview


Okay everyone,

If you are following my blog, I am in JOB HUNT mode right now, because its hard to pay bills without one, and it puts all the pressure on my Girlfriend .. which is not nice ..

Anyway, the headline, “Why its important, to research EVERY Prospective Employer Prior to the Interview” this is essential in todays Job markets .. we live in a ruthless world where, if someone can make a buck off your back, then, they very well will do so.

It is also important to research them, so you can make the decision about going to the interview or not. Since we all know TIME is “money” and Time is FINITE .. well I don’t like to waste time at misleading interviews, so to mitigate that, I research companies before going to an interview.

I will spend 15-20 minutes on google reading about them first I visit the company page see what their layout is like, if its looks professional or not, what are they selling, what are they about etc… then I move onto reviews and such.. I consult GOOGLE for these reviews… example next time your in “job hunt mode” try researching your company or prospective employer in Google like this “COMPANY X – Scam” or “Company X – Rip off report” .. you may find some articles that, had you not searched you would not have known about, and can now sort of formulate your own opinion on the prospective employer based off other peoples experiences, saving you tonnes of work and headache and most importantly… TIME!

Another Great spot to look is Complaints Board  I was able to find a plethora of information there…

Anyway, so today, actually moments ago, I got a phone call from this sweet voiced lady named “Ami” representing “Ghawi Agencies” on behalf of TorchMark based out of TEXAS  ( NYSE:TMK ) .. now I asked if it was direct-marketing or Door 2 Door sales and she declined (phone call continued below the ad)… they advertise the position on Craigslist as such .. see below

” Due to our rapid expansion we are currently recruiting Managers for our comprehensive Management In Training program (MIT).

If you are great with people and interested in helping working families, please send your resume. We will provide comprehensive training however, possessing people skills is a pre-requisite.

What we provide is a genuine career opportunity: benefits, company generated quality leads, no cold calling or prospecting, complete training and mentorship. 

Our ideal candidate would be goal oriented with a strong work ethic to push them to a level of leadership. Your resume should have emphasis on your customer service experience, your leadership ability and your loyalty to position. If you did not have a management title, explain your past positions and how it helped you for the next step in your career. 
Please add your 

• Available start date
• If you are working full time currently

Salary: $40,000 to $50,000 

Ami then asked me about my experience in HR and asked a couple other minor questions, to gauge if I’d be an ideal candidate for their “management trainee” program .. she also went on about how they are Traded on the NYSE, and to me that was a moot point and pretty much irrelevant, as if being traded on NYSE is of concern or interest to me.. whether or not the company I am applying to is on the Stock market makes no difference, I will still research the hell out of the company I am applying to.. she finished with providing me the address 1695 Bank Street  (bank+heron) in Ottawa I confirmed for the appointment/interview .. then proceeded with what I do best, research the fuck out of them. I did and I got my answer, they aren’t “Scammers” but lets just say, they could be perceived as borderline..


So after I hung up ..my first step in doing this, is always to Consult GOOGLE Earth.. I street viewed the Address.. turned out this “Ghawi Agencies” as she said on the phone is actually AIL Canada  (RED FLAG) .. so to me, she just lied, why not represent yourself professionally as AIL Canada? Perhaps because they have a tainted image already?? Anyway I googled “Ghawi Agencies” also and couldn’t find jack shit.. something isn’t right here.. thats what got me to really research them and provoked me to google search “AIL canada scam” “AIL Canada Scammers”  etc.. and I was able to find that information ..

ail sucks

I wrote back to Ami, see below email correspondance ..


As if a REVAMP in ’09 merits anything… I was able to find, and anyone else here with half a brain and some computer skills will be able to find complaints and BS clouding these folks even as recent as 2011-2013 …  See more below,

This person Reverts back to POOP Scooping over working with AIL  (2011)

American Income Life – Employment Tactics (2013)

Person claims he lost $5000.00 to this company (2008) (post by JenniferT)

One Man’s Experience at the Interview!! (2007) (very informative this was the first thing I read on them actually)

Yahoo Answers – Di-sects AIL 

She ends the email with “the company is working to remove these”… well the company actually isn’t or doesn’t have manpower or she just lied to me again, by saying there are no current ones.. well now there IS … Ami.. there is this one! 27 Jan 2014


Edit: Let me clarify, that “AIL Canada” is a subsidiary of Torchmark Corp .. so then what the hell I ask is “Ghawi Agencies”? LOL its confusing ..  Not to mention, after all the bragging about them being on NYSE, I checked today and stocks slipped $3 since friday .. they are probably pretty stable but anyway, I don’t enjoy being told one thing and find out something else ie.


torchmark stock

Ghawi Agencies = AIL Canada = Torchmark Corp ?? I had to figure this shit out on my own.

I was entertaining the idea to go to the interview with lots of pre-thought out questions… you know to really throw them the curve ball kinds of questions..  but I quickly remembered, that I got better things to do with my time… like sharing this kind of stuff with you all.   ILY Y’all!



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