I MUST ask these questions, on behalf of the Citizens of CANADA..

cash reserves no more

Okay, So let me start with the following..

  • A Federal Government of a country/nation, that has ZERO control of its Money supply, Can you call that Country/Nation a “DEMOCRACY” ?
  • The constitution of Canada gives the Federal Government and Parliament (parliament holding the power) over all matters related to money and banking. So why did the Federal Government delegate the Banks to print this money for the Government to borrow back with compounded interest? If the Government printed the money, they would get the profit instead of the PRIVATE BANKS.. so all the interest being paid on that money, could have been re-circulated back to the Government for the PEOPLE of Canada
  • Why was phasing out our Cash Reserves to ZERO, a requirement or necessity, and how does that BENEFIT Canadians ?
  • Let me ask this, if indeed Mr. Paul Hellyer is correct in his video that we have been “SCAMMED” so to speak and the way he describes it, I firmly agree.. then, who do we CHARGE this injustice to? More importantly… how much further ahead would we be as a leading nation? Where would CANADA and the PEOPLE of this country be had we not strayed off the wayside?

Essentially, I understand all this in a matter of the PEOPLE being robbed, we are forced and subjected to foot a ginormous PUBLIC debt, for NO REASON at all.. in fact that PUBLIC DEBT has been created by the PRIVATE BANKS..

  • Lets ask another question here, hypothetically of course, if EVERYONE in Canada was willing to withdraw all their money out, what might happen? If Everyone started to PULL OUT of the banks, and just THROW back this useless FIAT money to the BANKS doorstep.. could we not create OUR own system ? Could we not create a new wave of currency and borrowing and lending means? I think we could.
  • What if we pressured PARLIAMENT via NATIONAL PROTEST (ie. No one goes to work, STOP WORK ORDER for ALL CITIZENS + MILITARY AND POLICE) to Re-instate the BANK OF CANADA to start printing money to pay off this RIDICULOUS public debt? I Like the idea of a NATIONAL STOP WORK ORDER.

Whats your take on all this??? I want to know, its a goddamn mess, but Paul Hellyer explains 2 viable solutions, so lets spread some awareness on this issue, because its something ALL CANADIANS ought to be passionate about. Hell it is OUR Country, not theirs and we are letting these people run OUR country? We got smarter people out there!!!

If I am a STONER and I can understand all this, then so can you just watch this video and do a bit of reading it will all come together…

bank  ultimate source of cash


distribution of powers




*Victory For the WORLD

*Bank of Canada (wiki)


*Distribution of Legislative Powers

*The Bank of Canada’s Roles (explained)

*Why should banks be able to CREATE money from THIN AIR?

*Lender of LAST RESORT

*Canadian Bank Note Company

*Giesecke & Devrient

*Implementation of MONETARY POLICY in a Regime with Zero Reserve Requirements



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