Here’s a tip… For good service

This is very true and relevant.. I think Quebec has the worst practices when it comes to nagging the customer for a tip that they otherwise didn’t earn nor deserve…


Every time I grab the debt machine at a coffee shop and it asks me for a tip, I wonder what planet folks are living on. Tips are a reward for a positive service experience and should be rewarded proportionately to the quality of said service. Unless my barista is dancing a jig and singing a song, what did they do to earn 15% to 20% over the cost of my beverage?

It’s really more a symptom of Canada’s culture of service-person centred customer service. What I mean is the notion that it’s so tough to work in the service industry that workers couldn’t possible deliver good service. And more ridiculous, that we should tip them for the pain and suffering endured from working in the service industry.

If I’m going to pay extra for my java, you better be a rockstar in the four minutes it takes me to…

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