these 2 idiots.. i had to get it off my chest…

Just sayin’



  1. Hey Josh, I had to laugh. It’s not funny but goddang, these politicians and right-wingers can sure get us worked up, huh? I hate hate hate Ann Coulter. she’s like the devil spawn of Rush Limbaugh. he’s another one that makes me scream. SCREAM! And you said it: MISGUIDED. They’re all brainwashed, Tea Party cult members. Arrrrggghhhh. Now you got me going… Lol

    1. yaaa, i am a bit over the top in the video but with good intention, but you know, its an extreme world these days, so sometimes i feel the need to use strong words to get the point across.. they can come at me bro. no fear.

  2. Josh, I have one more idjit for you:http:
    Can’t use it today, as we have too many posts already. Lou

    1. LOL.. thanks im gonna check it out.. i may post something on it in a couple days,, marking it down lol.. i found some more shit on harper that I never seen before.. fucken amazing how deep he has his NOSE in the ZIONISTS asshole

      1. Out with it! This pleasant mannered man is a danger to Canada. He answers to his masters from the Bildeberg group.

      2. Yes.. exactly.. however I see a set up in the making… the ZIONISTS know Canada is thirsty for refreshing and young blood in the Prime Minister’s spot.. hence Justin Trudeau being that candidate.. hes for legalizing cannabis, but there is some shit circulating about him and bilderberg or his father and bilderberg as well..

        now go and check out the CANADIAN ACTION PARTY .. if you haven’t heard of them..

        founded by former MND Paul Hellyer

      3. Love the H guy. So refreshing. We all know that most Canadian politicians and prominent media types ( Mansbridge for example) all have attended the Bildeberg sessions, don’t we? None will talk about it. They should be stripped of their Canadian citizen ships under treason laws.

      4. Yes I concur.. i am curious if I can find a list of all the Canadian politicians that have attended this shit…

        interesting word “politic” poly = many, tic as in “tick” the little blood sucking bastards! now its all coming together.. lol .. came across this last night .. .. however i havent had time to read the entire thing just yet ..

      5. I like Moret better. Same idea: That evil cabal that controls the world did Fukushima in order to teach japan a lesson. The Royal parasites are part of this cabal. Be scared! Is it really far-fetched?

      6. far fetched? Hardly.. put yourself in the shoes of TPTB and you wouldn’t want little guys like me and you “threatening” their lifestyle etc…. it makes sense for all top business and national leaders and bankers to collude together because their power gets magnified when they work together.. the same rule applies to us.. our power is magnified when we work together, we just haven’t got enough traction yet.. but we will get there, because they are fucking outnumbered.. simple logic here. =)

      7. Can i have your email ? I need to write you an idea.. i am thinking about.. its already been done, but i want to take it to the next level.. its extremely positive for the world right now

  3. He is young, a neophyte, but i am hoping that he has some of the fire of his father. To be fair, he was kind of ambushed with extraordinary questions. Once he realizes how serious we are, he might give a thought to those taboo subjects. Did i mention Geo-engineering yet?

    1. yes, true enough, perhaps we ought to get LOUDER .. i am testing out something, i am going to try and compile a DVD or CD with some very thought provoking videos and see about handing them out .. i just stumbled across this party platform ..

      “non-partisan” is what Canada needs.. may seem communist because everyone must join the party to have a say, but its a way to authenticate that no one is voting more than once! I like this idea!

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