*420km from Earth – Space walking Astronaut

420 in space haha

Is this a coincidence that it has to be 420 km away from Earth? Did Mr. Hadfield have a say in this matter? LOL

National Post is reporting … 

” …Two space station astronauts are making a spacewalk to install a pair of cameras developed by a Canadian firm. The Russian astronauts are completing a job left undone last month.

Oleg Kotov and Sergey Ryazanskiy quickly got one of the Canadian-developed cameras installed outside the International Space Station, a task requiring multiple power connections. Everything checked out well, unlike the post-Christmas spacewalk where no data emanated from the cameras.

The two men worked so hard — determined to accomplish the job this time — that Russian Mission Control outside Moscow urged them to “get your breath.”

“We’ll force ourselves to rest,” one of the spacewalkers replied in Russian….

I find it is very cool how we are contributing in all these ways to space-exploration.. this stuff is just fascinating …. who else likes this kind of stuff? If you are really interested, you might also like this Course available for….. FREE

Analyzing the Universe – Rutgers University





    1. LOL I know right … oh man.. imagine, smoking a huge spliff before take off? holey shit, that would be a trip and a half, then 10 mins later your in fucking orbit? like wtf LOL.. how about 2-3 grams of good psilocybin mushrooms before launch.. id love to see some psychedelic space experiments or exploration taking place.. minus any hazards.

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