The High Canadian’s Interview – Pre Military service (420 2007)


Alright everyone, I was digging through my Hard drive cleaning up some crap, and came across a random MP3 file, turns out to be an old interview I did waaaaay back with the Fearandloathing in Ottawa podcast which is no longer around.. anyway, totally unprepared interview.. I laughably have a pretty long brain-fart at 19:50 into the interview, just before the END!! LOL.. anyway, whatever, it was indeed 420 and anyway I was 19 at the time going on 20..

Further to that, hopefully it gives you all, my readers and viewers, a bit more of a sense of authenticity from me =)

It was back then I was reading the book title The Marriage of the Sun and Moon

Hope you enjoy it!! I was stoned ps. hahah, and this was my first time speaking out about marijuana and my own personal use etc..

This image was taken by someone I do not know who, captured me up front leading the Global Marijuana March in 2007, Ottawa Peace Officers, were doing their part by ensuring a peaceful protest and were present to make sure we were able to safely cross the street!

re edit

Me leading the GMM 2007, Ottawa police present, ensuring safe crossing =)
ZERO Arrests… just an awesome day it was!!




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